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How Would You Like to Feel Energized More Often Than You Do Now?

I realize that the question isn’t as sexy as the classic marketing hypsters would make it. More people would probably respond to “How to Have Awesome High Incredible Energy All the Time” but I live on the real planet earth.

You know, the earth where we have struggles, consistent drains on our energy, concerns, fears, difficulty balancing all there is to do, negative thinking, biorhythms, real life problems, and all the other stuff that makes it impossible for ANY human being to truly have high emotional energy all the time.

Okay, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, there is a sequence of things that will afford you the opportunity to maintain a strong energy level more often.

Why is This Important?

While the specific answers for you may be different than mine (the deeper reasons), there are some general answers that we share. When we are energetic emotionally, we feel good. When we feel good, we see the world more positively, and we see ourselves in relation to the world more positively. As a result of this, we make better choices, and subsequently do better. Which, incidentally, makes us feel even better, and the cycle continues.

What’s pretty clear, is that if we are not intentional in managing our energy, then we will end up with very little. Even though we are physically designed to be energetic all day, the influences of life and our choices, change that equation relatively quickly in terms of our lifespan.

Unless we are purposeful and act on feeding our energy in general, and our emotional energy in specific.

The Two Primary Sources of our Emotional Energy

This is a layman lesson. I’m not giving you biology, because I’m not educated to do so. I’m giving you common sense based on practice and experience and observation of the plethora of people who follow this path. Which is what I trust in life. The results.

As you would likely expect, it starts with physical energy. Physical energy is what we most often equate energy to. There are several factors which impact our physical energy. Hydration, nutrition, sleep, stress, exercise, chemicals in our body, metabolism, etc. This is step one in the Health Circle (3 Circles Living), and the one that is most readily worked on, and is essential. If we don’t attend to this…nothing else, including what I speak about next, is EVER going to be remotely as optimized as it could be when it comes to emotional energy

Feelings are the second one, and while physical energy has to be first, this one is tightly behind it in importance. If you are wondering about this one, consider times when you feel depressed. You may be at the height of physical well-being, but a bout of depression will make it difficult to get out of bed and brush your teeth.

We are, whether we like it or not or want to acknowledge it or not, emotional creatures having a human experience. Everyone has feelings and they will drive the bus unless you take the wheel. To positively affect feelings, you have to work very hard at three things: self-development, minimizing negative input, and your most important relationships.

The self-development piece, which I tackle big time in 3 Circles Living (as well as many of my articles, videos, and public speaking appearances), immediately does a few things for you. It shows yourself that you are worthy of working on, it makes you a higher more effective (skilled) version of yourself, and it increases your self-confidence. All of which improve how you see the world and your opportunities.

The minimization piece is essential. The majority of what comes at you in a day is negative and trash. I don’t care what you do or where you do it…this is going to be generally true, unless you are completely unplugged technically, and you have been careful about who you interact with. This “conditioning” has hurt you in life and is deeply rooted. The self-development action will be building you up and wearing away at all the false beliefs and limiters that have been planted in your mind, but the fact that they keep coming at you on a daily basis, means you have to be purposeful to tune them out while you build yourself up.

The third one is the magnifier. Love. Love is the greatest emotional energy fuel on earth. Not just the new love that makes us giddy and crazy and see the world with rose colored glasses. I’m talking about deep foundational time-tested love. This is the thing that takes your emotional energy to a powerhouse and sustainable level (provided you are doing the other things).

This means you HAVE to show up in these relationships consistently, and you have to show up the right way (why skills are needed), and with the heart of giving to, rather than getting from, the relationship. This is important. You don’t bring your need to a relationship. You bring your love.

The more you give to and in, a relationship, the more you will get back.

The challenge to deal with is prioritizing the love relationship, when life will have you being in other relationships often, and many times more often.

This is where you learn the correct structure for optimizing all relationships, to keep your emotional energy high. This is the nature of the video below. You learn how the wrong flow of energy relative to relationships, ends up leaving you with very little left in your bucket to pour into your love relationships, and therefore a guaranteed way to sabotage your emotional energy, and then, over time, your life.

When you get the order right, you have plenty of energy left for each bucket you engage with. If you received value here, please share with others.

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Many Blessings, Todd

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