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You Cannot Expect Someone to Succeed if You Haven’t Clarified How.

I believe that every human being wants to feel like they matter, and what they do matters. I simply don’t buy that there are people (in general) who wake up in the morning and want to do a poor job. If that is what is actually happening (the person is under-performing and not making much of an effort) there is much more going on that is creating this behavior (this could be many things).

I believe one of the biggest issues is that people truly don’t believe they matter, or that they can succeed. This is supported by countless studies and research that show that a high percentage of people do not have very high self-esteem. The answer in my way of thinking is relatively simple.

Why Don’t We Just Show People Exactly How They Can be Successful?

Every group I ever teach, and work (mentor) with, sees me draw the credibility curve platform early on…within the first hour or two that we are working together. Then over the course of our working relationship, they will see me do it over and over again. Why would I do this? Because this single platform, holds the key to success for every person.

Day one in any role in business, there are two things I believe we should make sure people know. One is the path of success that they can travel, and two is what is the significance of their particular job in the big picture of the organization.

Taking the time to do these two things sets the person up to take pride in doing a good job, and to understand how they can grow and develop their way to success, which will inspire and empower the people who are a good fit for your organization.

The Thing to Focus On is The Curve/Platform and How it Impacts and Accelerates Success.

You see when you get started into learning a job, you are taught the skills/tasks of the job (I call these competencies). Most of these things are very specific and can be grasped and improved upon with repetition. However, the additional competencies that impact someone’s ability to succeed in anything have little to do with the specifics of the job, and everything to do with how well someone can do it relative to interacting with others, delivering things in a timely manner, and making decisions. These are entirely different competency areas that most people don’t know are in the equation. Because no one tells them, and no one has educated them on their journey to the position.

Yet, most all of their lack of confidence stems from being ineffective in these competency areas.

By taking just 15 minutes and sitting someone down at the very start, and saying, here is how you can be successful, here are the things to work on that will help you be better in the work, here are the things that will increase the rate of your trajectory so that you get new opportunities faster (opportunities are ALL based on perceived credibility), you can make a huge impact on their ability to act. Then going further to let them know that these skills have nothing to do with their history or IQ or personality, and everything to do with their own desire and tenacity to get better. Letting them know you will be supporting them in the journey, pointing out when they are excelling and when they are missing the mark, and that you believe they can be very successful, as long as they will work on the skills and do the work in the work.

Imagine how this person might feel about their prospects for moving forward? Imagine how they might show up every day?

All because you took the time to help them see why what they are doing matters and how they, despite how they see themselves, can become successful by following a proven formula.

So yeah. I believe success development and leadership development should start day one. Will everyone bloom? Nope. That’s life. People self-select in the big picture. But when you give everyone the opportunity to feel like they have some say in what will happen, you’ll see a whole lot more people move forward. In the video, I share a bit more on some of the impacts of this approach.

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Many Blessings, Todd

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