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Your Tomorrows Will Bear the Fruit of Today’s Actions.

Given that it’s a new year, you likely spent some time in the past few days deciding on some “resolutions” and plans for how you will make improvements and changes this year.

Hopefully that means goals that are specific and that you have some real belief that they can be attained.

As you may remember from some of my past articles, I believe that goals are irrelevant unless they are tied to your priorities, which are further tied to your values, principles, and beliefs. The reason this is so critical, is that any goal that isn’t aligned this way, will quickly be punted when the arduous part of the journey begins to reveal itself.

We have to be real about the fact that any goal worth having is going to stretch us and challenge us and have periods of time when it feels like we’ll never get there.

When you take this approach, with this degree of wisdom, you learn that when things are difficult, it doesn’t mean you cannot do it, it means you are actually on the right path.

This is Why the One Day at a Time Mindset Is the Key.

All goals and dreams come to fruition through a series of actions and steps that are repeated consistently over time until the desired outcome is reached.

You cannot do tomorrow’s work today. You cannot achieve tomorrows result today. You can only take the step today that is required in the process, while you also attend to positioning yourself to be able to take the action tomorrow when it comes (sustainability).

I believe it’s important to keep your big goals in front of you. But only as a reminder of why it’s not optional to skip the steps that are on today’s menu.

If you’re going to journey a thousand miles, you can’t be thinking today about the thousand miles. You only want to hold yourself accountable for the miles you committed to today. Over time, whether you are driving, riding a bike, or walking, you will eventually accomplish the thousand miles.

The Key is to Make the Most of the Day You Have Right Now.

This starts when you roll out of bed. Human nature is such that we tend to wake up differently most days relative to how we feel.

We cannot allow how we feel, to dictate what we do. This is why I am such a stickler for a morning routine that centers me and includes steps that are meaningful in my areas of priorities. This has worked out pretty well over the 32 years I’ve been doing it.

Here is a link to a video where you can get the details of the routine in case it may be helpful for you.

Since I know for certain that self-care and development is integral to living our best life, accomplishing our goals, and making our highest contribution, I attend to this first.

By the time my morning routine is done, I’ve already worked on my fitness, personal and professional development, gotten steeped in gratitude, and planned for the day at hand, among other things.

This allows me to show up in the best way I can for the people I serve and engage with personally and professionally, and to work on the most important things (steps) for the greater goals in the most efficient way possible.

This kind of consistent approach guarantees you win the day in the things that matter. When you string together days, weeks, and months of this approach, you wind up steadily moving forward in the things in life that matter while chipping away at goals.

This purposeful set of steps is the exact path that is taught in 3 Circles Living.

We live in a world where many things we are interacting with, and subject to, are not in our control. What we CAN control is how we show up, and the actions we take each day.

I hope this is helpful.

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Many Blessings, Todd

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