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This is a Magical Question to Consider…

Think about your typical day in the week. How many people do you have an opportunity to interact with?

Do you see any of your family in the morning? Do you drive to work? Do you go to the gym? Do you stop anywhere? Maybe for coffee or fuel? Perhaps you take a train or subway?

Unless you see no one and stay at home for the first few hours of the day, you have multiple interactions. All of which are the opportunity to make some sort of purposeful impact.

A smile, kind word, a wave to a neighbor, or letting someone in on the road. There’re many tiny gestures that leave a little of your positive vibe on the other person. Sometimes for just a few seconds, but it all counts.

When you act with the intention of spreading smiles, you don’t just create a little impact, you also set an example which leaves another, more subtle, impact. They say you can count the seeds in an apple, but you can’t count the apples in a seed. Every positive impact is a seed. It has the potential to yield a lot more apples. Which means an endless supply of seeds. The ripple actually never ends. The reality is you can’t really count the seeds in an apple. You can only count the ones you see at the moment. You can never count the endless seeds that will result in the future from this one apple.

Now consider the rest of your day. How many chances does the world around you offer you to touch someone?

It Starts with Awareness

Every morning (six days a week), I write in my planner five specific questions. The first question I write is “Who will I impact today?” (I talk about all five in 3 Circles Living)

This question shifts my mindset immediately. It instantly reminds me of how important every human touch and example will be in the day. It heightens my awareness.

You see when you ask questions to yourself, your brain just can’t help trying to find answers. Asking this single question on a daily basis, creates a level of consciousness about your effect on others.

This is like a mindset hack for your attitude.

You are probably aware that I am a big believer in getting yourself centered before you face a day. I get up early, and read, journal, pray, think, exercise, and plan, all with the intention of making certain that I can be the best version of myself possible for the day ahead.

I do this from a 3 Circles priority perspective because I understand that this is going to impact the way I show up in service to, and interaction with, others. Physical and mental health first, because relationships come next in the order of priority.

Every single relationship, from loved ones, to friends, community, and business will be affected in the day, by how you and I show up. If you are in a leadership position, and you likely are in some part of your life, this goes even deeper, as I believe it’s a responsibility.

Those in leadership have a greater impact on those around them. A kind or positive word is felt more deeply, as is a harsh word or lack of acknowledgement (feeling ignored is emotionally scarring).

When you are aware of just how much you impact others, it leads to more intentionality. And that is a good thing for those around you.

I encourage you to give this a try. Think on it and write it down for the next seven days and notice what happens. My guess is that you’ll begin doing it on a daily basis.

I hope this is helpful for you.

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Many Blessings, Todd

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