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Just About Any Action Towards Your Goal is Good Action.

The first fundamental I teach someone who is learning to fish, is how to cast. The reason for this is simple…you can’t fish if you can’t get your line into the water. Half the battle in catching a fish is simply getting your bait in the water. The more your bait is in the water, the better chance there is to catch a fish. Simple.

I spend a lot of my fishing time alone, but there are specific trips when I go with a group of close friends. We have made roughly 30 of these trips over the years, usually to Canada.

When we are fishing on these trips, and we have four guys in a boat who are casting their lures into the water all day, there are several times during the day where someone’s cast does not turn out the way they want it to. Usually, its a guy who is trying to throw it out as far as he can, and something happens, like his finger gets stuck on the line, or there is a minor snarl in the spool, and the cast goes 40 feet instead of 40 yards.

Invariably you hear the guy, mumble or moan about how lousy the cast was. The immediate reply, that comes from the rest of the boat is”The fish doesn’t know it’s a bad cast!” And this is true. If the lure still ends up in the water (sometimes its in a tree…then the fish never know there WAS a cast!), there is still a chance that you can attain the goal of catching a fish.

Many Things You Strive for in Life are the Same Way.

Perhaps you are working on getting fit, and today you just don’t seem to have as much zip as you’d like. You struggle through your workout, and you think to yourself “what a lousy workout.” Well, you still worked out, you still burned some calories, you still did your body some good.

Maybe, you are in sales and you are just not having a good day. You feel a little down. You had a little issue at home in the morning, your last ten calls the people didn’t answer, except for the few who did and rejected you right away, and you just feel worn out. The next call you make? That person does not know you aren’t having a good day. You are still in the game and working towards your goal.

There have been many times when I was doing a public presentation, where I just wasn’t feeling it that day. I knew I was not operating at my A-game. But you know what? The people I am speaking to don’t know this. Heck, I feel this way often when I am writing. But I still write and capture whatever I can, because there will be some good that comes out of it that wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t cast the wors onto the page.

Whatever You Are Working Towards, You JUST Need to be Doing it Consistently.

Not consistently good…just consistently. Over time, you will get consistently good, but even then, you will still have bad casts.

It’s all a process. In everything. You have to stack consistent effort, taking the simple steps to accomplish something in everything. Cast, retrieve, cast retrieve. That’s how you go from beginner with no skill, to some skill, to adequate skill, to good skill, to mastery.

Sometimes you will be in the zone and everything you do or say seems perfect, and sometimes you can’t even see the zone with a telescope. You just keep moving forward. One of the precious things I learned is that the more I do it, the better I get and the less times I feel like I am under-performing. So, I stay consistent in what I do. In every area of life that matters. My health, relationships, wellness business, training, writing, whatever. It’s the 3 Circles Living platform in action.

The next piece of insight here, is when I get to the point with whatever I am doing where I rarely make a mistake, that’s a sure sign that I need to up the challenge. I need to be having a few bad casts or I know I am getting too comfortable. So, the moral of the story is to work at your goal until what you are doing becomes easy to do, then expand what you are doing so it becomes challenging again. This is how you grow to new levels of achievement and skill in any endeavor.

Keep casting and don’t worry when the cast is bad.

I hope this serves you well.

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Many Blessings, Todd

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