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We All Need Water that Nourishes and Grows Us.

Physically, if we don’t have a drink of water in 3-4 days, we will die.

That’s not the kind of water I’m talking about here. I’m talking about the waters that nourish our soul, and the water that grows us and our capacity to make an impact in this life. This is the water that primarily comes to us with purpose from a human being.

If we do not get this water, then we shrivel on the inside and shrink back from life.

The proverb says “the one who waters will also be watered.

This is a core principle of how I try to live…pour a little water of kindness, encouragement, and consideration on someone, and they feel a little better….and so do you.

Two of the questions I ask myself each morning (Who will I impact today? And Who will I serve today?) establish this as a mindset for the day, and as a result I find opportunities everywhere to spread this water. (The list of all 5 is in 3 Circles Living)

This approach to how you engage people around you in life will leave a trail of positive vibes wherever you go.

The Bigger Water is to Invest in Helping Someone Do Better in Their Life.

This takes consistent watering of this person, and as with all things in life, the more you put in the more YOU eventually will receive…and this comes in the waters of fulfillment and joy. Doing something that makes someone feel better in the moment will make you feel happy. Joy is a whole other realm of depth. This is the return for watering someone to an improved life.

This kind of watering requires you to be conscious of watering yourself and also to be conscious of the result of your watering. You see, we cannot count on others to water us. I have had very few people water me in my life. Yet, you have to be watered to be able to water, so you have to water yourself daily before you begin watering others, which is the approach I’ve taken for the past 30 plus years.

It’s sort of like filling your bucket. You do this through the first circle of 3 Circles Living. The first water you spread from your bucket goes to those you love, as this is like a “spring” for your bucket…you don’t lose any water when you do this, it overflows your bucket and allows you to give more away to the rest of the world.

Now to the Watering You Do in Your Work and/or Cause-Purpose.

This is the watering that you have to be careful with….

You only have so much water. If you are not careful, you can easily pour too much on the wrong people and not have enough for the ones that want it.

Rule One: You can have no expectation of the result of your water. This is crucial to recognize. You see you can only control giving out the water (training, coaching, listening, advising, etc.), you cannot control what is done with it, and you cannot control whether the person you are watering is also watering themselves. If you have expectation that your water will have them sprouting, then you will likely be disappointed generally (human nature says only so many will do…), and disappointment robs you of water that you can share with others.

Rule Two: Pay attention and be discerning of how your water is being used once you pour it on someone. This is how you navigate rule number one. Look at it as a learning experience. If you pour it on A and B, and A sprouts a bit and B doesn’t, that is a clue about who to allocate your water to. You do not continue to water something that is unresponsive. You give your water elsewhere.

This is a short lesson that could go on and on, as there is room in this topic to endlessly expound. I encourage you to let it play in your mind and consider all the applications of this idea in your life and work.

I hope this was helpful.

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Many Blessings, Todd

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