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Life is too short and uncertain to not go after the life you want. I know, I know…I have said this repeatedly.

And why is that do you think?

Because it’s true. Too true to try to ignore. I say “try to ignore” because it’s IMPOSSIBLE to ignore it forever. You see, you can turn your back on this reality, you can make excuses that you aren’t good enough, don’t deserve enough, have too many responsibilities, don’t have time, or even that you don’t know how to go after this ideal, but eventually, you will arrive at the same place everyone else does…. knowing you could have and didn’t.

The way I look at life is simple…. the better version of yourself you are, the better you are in serving others and making a difference. The closer you are to living the life you truly want, the easier it is to focus on doing good for others.

So to be clear….while it’s pretty freaking cool to live exactly the life you want….ultimately it’s for others, even though it creates a pretty good experience for you.

Requirements: Design, Process, Patience, Commitment

I’m going to give you the eight factors that I know are essential. There may be a few more for you, but these are the eight that I worked toward and live daily.

All of these factors are based on simple doable fundamentals. No special talent is required. Only heart and desire.

You have to proactively visualize what you want your life to look like. This will be challenging because the world has done a pretty good job of squashing the dreaming capacity out of you. Just because you have a hard time believing something can happen, does not make you right. You CAN do this, regardless of what anyone says.

Every part of the life you want is accomplished through a process. Find the specific steps and work them. Don’t waste a second of your time trying to short cut the journey. That’s how most people get stuck in the same situation forever, and eventually lose hope.

Patience is never going to be natural for a human being. Be patient anyway. Anything of value, especially sustainable value, requires a tough journey at times. Even when you are making progress that is visible you will want it to be faster. Welcome to the human race.

Do what you say to yourself that you will do. Commitment means doing the things regardless of how you feel that day.

The 8 Factors:

Vibrant Health-this has to be the first priority or nothing else you attain will be what you want it to be. This is the key to everything.  Start doing the things that bring this into being NOW. It matters not where you start from. Your body is resilient and will respond to taking action to make it vibrant. If you need a kick start let me know…I have access to a program that will change the entire trajectory of your health in a relatively short window of time.

Healthy Relationships-you need to be healthy and energized, in addition to intentional to make this happen. This is the second most important thing. All the success in the world is empty without relationships (and love) in your life in some capacity.

Plenty of Financial Resources-you decide what this means. It’s probably less than you think, and more than you’ve got right now. You have to be purposeful in creating the income necessary, and prudent in what you do with the income from a money-growth perspective. The key thing is to create passive streams of income, so if you do not have this now, this is a good place to start.

Work That You Enjoy and Uses Your Strengths-maybe you think the life you want includes retirement. Perhaps from what you do now, but not as a concept. Human beings are meant to be productive. It’s why laying around feels so bad in such a short period of time. It’s not about retirement, it’s about transition. Productivity is part of being healthy of mind, be always doing something that stretches you up until the day that your body and mind are no longer capable…that’s when you stop…when God stops you.

Contributing to the Betterment of Others-Ideally, you can blend the work that you enjoy with this one. It’s what I do, and my primary focus right now with “Project Next.” Nothing feels better than helping others do better. Contribution is wired into our souls, you have to be doing some good or you will never live your best life…it simply cannot be all about you.

Living Where You Want-figure out where this is. Move there. Enough said.

Doing the Things You Love to Do-when you’re not working, you need to be filling your energy bucket up by investing your time in the things that bring you joy, peace, excitement, etc.

Time With the People You Love-this might seem like it is the same as the first, but it’s not. You need several strong relationships, yes…and you need specifically dedicated time with the people you love the most. This is the ultimate.

Maybe you have some other things to add to the list that are right for you. Add them. And get to work. Being anything less than you can be and living anything less than the life you want is not an option of value in this life.

Even if you never completely attain this life that you want, just the constant pursuit with purpose will massively elevate every part of your life.

If you need direction, and/or some help, reach out to me (other than the help you might find in 3 Circles Living).

I hope you found this helpful, and it inspires you to move forward.

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Many Blessings, Todd

P.S. I am currently deep into the initial growth stage of “Project Next.” As a result, I am no longer accepting coaching clients, as my coaching time is reserved for my expanding project team. I am still accepting certain training/speaking engagements based on timing and fit. If you are currently dissatisfied with your bigger picture progress in life and would like to learn how the project may help you move forward, send me an email and we can arrange a time to talk.

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