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What are the Stories You Tell Yourself?

For clarification, these are not “once upon a time” kind of stories.

These are the repetitive quick one-liners that once adopted, tend to run as reoccurring scripts in your brain. For example…if you ever say to yourself “I could never do…”

That is a narrative. A story. A form of disempowering self-talk that repeated enough in your head will establish a belief.

Which will tend to be a FALSE belief.

And false beliefs are limiters. They are lids on your life. They keep you from living the life you actually want deep down. And as you know, I believe everyone should be pursuing the life they truly want.

Not selfishly because it’s all about me me me (or in this context you you you). But rather, because this is the foundation from which you are able to make your greatest contribution (and of course, you have an awesome life in general as a kicker).

This is About Being the Best You Can Be Such That You Can Be Your Best for Others

If you are unhappy and feeling lack in your life, it is extremely hard to serve others. It’s just common sense. When you feel bad physically or emotionally, it’s hard to focus on others. When you feel stuck, unfulfilled, like it doesn’t matter what you do you can’t get ahead, it’s tough to show up in a good way anywhere.

Aside from the natural physical limitations that come from aging, your best life does not have a definitive limiter except for the person in the mirror. There will come a time when you and I are no longer physically or mentally capable of making a contribution of value.

We don’t know when that is, so why not upset the cart full of apples in your brain that is holding you back and reorganize them to serve you better?

I did a blog recently about the eight things you might consider in designing your best life. This would be a great context in which to review that list.

The Stories/Narratives You Tell Yourself Were Put IN You

They are not of you. You have been conditioned by your upbringing, environment, society, and a lot of other stuff. And to be clear…many of these influences were only passing on their own personal limiters to you from their narratives. If they knew the damage it would do, the stifling of your gifts and abilities, they probably wouldn’t have said these things…at least when it comes to the people who love you. But we have to deal in the reality of now, not what we wish was different in the past.

When you say to yourself…

I can’t…I’m not…I could never…

And any other version of this, you are telling yourself a story that is bull*@#% typically. You can change this narrative and go from the other direction…I can…I am..any time you choose.

Here’s how you can undermine these false narratives and start the positive trajectory in life:

First, take stock in where you are in life in anything that matters to you.

Second, consider what are the stories you have been telling yourself in those areas.

Three, take note of how those stories are serving you (aka, you are not where you would like to be).

Four, acknowledge that those stories and your choices based on them, have brought you less than you would like.

Five, change the narrative, which has now become an excuse, and disrupt the thinking by acting on the change you want to see.

I know this works. Because I had all the false narratives for many years, until I got sick of myself. I got tired of hearing my own whining and excuses. And I decided to not accept the false limiters or their pitiful outcomes in my life anymore. 3 Circles Living is a result of changing these narratives and in fact, is a recipe for HOW to change them staring from the priorities that matter most and growing outward and upward.

And now my life looks unlike that old story-telling version of me could have envisioned. It didn’t happen overnight, but the entire vibe of life can change quickly when decide and act.

Change your narrative and you will begin to see a new pathway unfold over time. And then you will be in a position to pay this thinking forward and help others live better too.

I hope this helps to spark you and serves you in creating the life you truly want.

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Many Blessings, Todd

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