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Stuff is Always Happening Isn’t It?

And it all has an emotional impact. It doesn’t matter how seasoned you are, or how much training you have had, you ALWAYS have to navigate feelings. It cannot be avoided. You and I are wired that way. Processing of the world goes through your emotions first and then, depending on how you deal with the feelings, gets to your logical brain.

This is part of self-awareness and EQ.

A lack of this understanding causes paralysis, overwhelm, over-reaction, and anything else you can think of that is the wrong way to deal with something. Especially things that actually ARE significant, as opposed to just feeling that way.

Circles of Concern versus Circles of Influence (Control).

There will always be parts of any situation which you simply have zero control over. These things are part of the greater picture of things in life that you cannot control or affect at all. This is what Stephen Covery called the “Circle of Concern.”

At the same time, all the time, there are absolutely things you CAN affect. This is called the “Circle of Influence” (not to be confused with the circle of influence represented by your personal contacts and network of people).

The proactive approach to life, which is the entire focus of 3 Circles Living, will place you mostly in the circle of influence over time as you become practiced. In the below video I share an experience from a situation that just happened to demonstrate what I mean, and give you some points of reference for improvement should you need it.

I hope you enjoy it and find it helpful.


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Many Blessings, Todd


P.S. Here is a short video for my current project that shows my personal results with the transforming health program that is integral to the impact my team is making across the USA.

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