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Aside from Your Health, Nothing is More Important in Life Than Relationships.

And this starts with your love relationships. If you have health and love, you are not missing much in this world, despite what all the materialistic
promotion would suggest.
I’m not “anti-stuff.” We all enjoy stuff. You know what stuff matters to you and what doesn’t. I’m not anti-money either. I think money is a wonderful tool and much good can be done with it.
The point here is that, while it’s easy to get caught up in the quest for more money and more stuff, none of that will ever make you happy.
Feeling good and love…those are essentials to a rich life.

This Message is About All the Other Relationships That Your Life is Engaged In…

We all need friends, community, and business relationships. Human beings are designed to be in relationship. The
phrase “no man is man is an island” is generally true. Even deep introverts still need to be with people.
Loneliness is devastating. Feeling ignored is one of the worst things someone can feel. It makes you feel as if you don’t matter.
What we all need are healthy relationships. It’s an essential factor in living the life you want. In creating the ultimate life you want, some things will take many years to get to, depending on the specifics of your situation. For example, if you really want to be living in a different place but your income is dependent on your current geography, it’s going to take some time and design to eventually shift your life to the new geography.
Healthy relationships are an area (like your health) where you can act right now to make this better and better. And the better your relationships are, the better your general life is going to be.
In this video, I give you seven attributes that I believe are essential for healthy relationships. While there are certainly many more, and some specific ones that will be key for you, I believe you will find these seven to be a great place to start in looking at the relationships you currently have.
I hope you found this helpful, and you begin working on this now. It will impact your life and your work in a big way.

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Many Blessings, Todd


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