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We Consistently Get Results in Line with What We Focus On.

That’s certainly no rocket science, is it?
On the surface this is an easy thing to understand. From a deeper perspective, and a much
more meaningful and impactful standpoint, this requires being purposeful in how you control
your attention and focus in relation to the things in life that matter most to you.
In Og Mandino’s chapter on You and I being nature’s greatest miracle (from the book The Greatest Salesman),
Og says that you and I are “here for a purpose, and that purpose is to grow into a mountain, not to
shrink to a grain of sand.”
Not to grow into a mountain so we can tower over anyone, but to grow into the unique mountain we
are meant to be, among the mountains that everyone else is meant to be, such that we can be our best in
making the impact that only you and I are specifically designed to make.
My purpose is to serve you in growing into your mountain, and minimize the tendency we all
have, and are somewhat conditioned for, to shrink to a grain of sand.
In this video, you get a specific area to begin shifting your focus habits towards. It will take some
purposeful planning, implementing, and practice, but over time it will lead you towards becoming
the mountain you are intended to be, living the life you want to live, and making an ever-increasing
impact externally.
I hope you find this helpful and embrace the shift.

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Many Blessings, Todd


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