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Have You Ever Seen Someone Who Was Unmotivated?

Whether you are in a leadership role in business or the community, a parent, a teacher, or just someone who observes others around you as you interact with life, you likely experience many times when you perceive someone to be lacking motivation.

That perception is not the reality. Everyone is motivated for something.

The bigger question is for what.

What you are likely observing in many cases, is that this person is not connected to their motivation or has a lack of belief in themselves in some fashion.

From the standpoint of leading someone, in any of the examples I previously mentioned, your task is not to motivate this person, but to inspire and empower them in such a way as to connect their actions to what they are already motivated to accomplish.

Mentorship Plays a Vital Role in This.

Mentorship can be something that is part of your role in an organization or cause, or it can simply be something you do because you understand that it matters. You have wisdom from your experiences in life, and see something in someone, and proactively invest time in them to help them see what they cannot see in themselves.

I have only had two true mentors in my entire life (The rest of my mentors I’ve found in the books I have read), yet these two men (one I worked for 37 years ago, and the other who chose to mentor me) had a profound and unforgettable impact on my life. In the period of time I was consistently connected to them the impact was small, but over the course of my life, it’s been huge.

Besides, the wisdom a mentor imparts to someone, the greater service of mentoring is the demonstration of belief that the mentee is actually worth mentoring.

This is the biggest nugget of all.

None of us look in the mirror objectively. We are conditioned in this life to see more clearly what we believe we aren’t, what we’re missing, and how we are limited. Others see us quite differently. There is a significant lesson in that all by itself.

Our beliefs (many of them false) about ourselves, serve as lids to our potential and confidence.

One of my two mentors, Bruce Wahl, passed away this week. In this video, I share how he impacted my life through mentoring and empowering me, at a time when others, and myself, would have considered me a lost cause.

In the video message, you will learn a powerful process that I call “Belief Algebra” that you can utilize to empower others should you choose. It is a fundamental proven concept that I have used for decades to develop others and that I teach to leadership around the world.

I hope this empowers you to mentor and empower others.

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Many Blessings, Todd

P.S. If you are feeling a bit stuck in life, perhaps unfulfilled, and struggling to find a way forward towards the life you truly want, reach out to me. I am working on a special project that may be the answer. Of course, it may not be, but only a discovery conversation will reveal whichever answer it is.

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