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I Certainly Wouldn’t be Writing This Article if It Were.

There WAS a time in my life when my futures were, in fact, defined by my past. Because I was not wise enough at the time to look at it the proper way.

As a consistent reader of mine, I don’t have to reiterate my path of constant failure, quitting, self-destructive thinking, poor choices, or low self-belief. It’s been well documented both here, and very specifically, in the book 3 Circles Living.

I only refer to it as a reference, because it was a period of many years, where what happened next in my life, coincided with what happened in the past. I had myself in a box where there was little hope for the better.

So, there would have been no way I would have had the belief that I could contribute anything of value to anyone or anything. Hence, there would have been no blog, no videos, no business success, no training business, no coaching…nothing. I sincerely doubt I would have lived very long.

What Changed and How Can it Be of Value to You?

Obviously, this is a big question. Many things changed, but the one that matters for this message, was how I looked at the past.

When I began to understand that the past was nothing more than a learning experience, and not a life sentence or guarantee of more of the same, I began to move forward without it chained to me.

I learned how to dig for the good from it, the lessons from it, and find the proofs of potential in it.


You are so much more than you realize. There is so much more in you that you can cultivate. There is a myriad of possibilities in front of you.

You are meant for more, and I believe, your world and the world around you, will change and improve steadily, and eventually dramatically, when you grasp this and begin taking the steps forward that you can take…starting right now.

This video is relatively short, and I believe somewhere in it, is a nugget that can matter for you.


I hope you enjoyed the video!

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Many Blessings, Todd

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