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“I Give them Six Months”

35 years and a day ago, these words were uttered by a friend of my family. He was literally wagering that Melanie and I would not be married six months after our wedding day.

As I sit here in a cottage on Abaco, Bahamas (picture above was taken at sunrise this morning from our deck), it still seems unreal that Mel and I have now been married 35 years.

I was never insulted or affronted by the wager. I didn’t blame him for having his take on our chances. I was a train wreck of a human being, who was self-serving, miserable, and had never stuck with anything, so his bet had pretty good odds of being accurate…except he didn’t know who I had married (and neither did I at the time).

Melanie is who taught me the meaning of commitment. Of hanging in there through difficulties, and making the idea of walking away from something you committed to, not an option.

And now, the lesson she taught me underpins every area of the 3 Circles for me.

The Flexible Recipe for Success in All 3 of the Circles

If you are new to my work, I encourage you to get 3 Circles Living and look for the nuggets that can help you. For today’s article, there are a few woven together.

I could have spent many paragraphs here writing about relationships and secrets to success, but that’s not where we’re going today.

I’m on island time and island brain at the moment. So, this will be brief. And while this trip is for our anniversary, it also comes at an excellent time for me personally and professionally as I am deep in the first stage of what for me is the “project of my lifetime.” And, thus, I needed to take a short break since I’ve been working with high focus for several months….this is crucial to do for everyone by the way.

Now…to be direct about the lessons for today. There are 3 specific principles that are wrapped together that are found in 3 Circles Living, that represent the resulting pudding.

  • Always play the long game (the actual principle is “never sacrifice the long term for a short-term gain”).
  • Everything is a process.
  • Live the 3 Circles in the right order.

These 3 things all represent commitments. Commit to the 3 Circles in the right order and you will position yourself for a vibrant relationship and business success, because you will have the energy and the understanding, and you will be living a life you love.

Commit to the long game, and you will always figure out things as you walk through the inevitable tough spots. (by the way, lack of commitment, in my opinion, is a disease in society. Most people simply are unwilling to do the hard stuff, and quit too soon in most things. The people that don’t quit, end up with the success in all things, not the people with favor or talent).

Commit to the process. In all things. I committed to the process of my health. I committed to the process of my work (and am doing so again right now in this incredible project that is beginning to make a significant impact.), and I committed to the process of a true relationship.

At 62 plus years old, I live a life I never could have imagined. Boundless energy, love, resources, doing work that matters, and living on my terms.

All from committing to three simple principles and staying true to them through tough times.

I hope you got something of value here. Now I’m going back to the beach:-)

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Many Blessings, Todd

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