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Fresh Starts Are Every Morning

It’s January 2nd, the day when reality begins again for the masses.

It’s a common theme to look at the new year as a fresh start. A time of hope. A time when we are going to do whatever it is that we have decided needs to happen for the coming year to fill a need, quench a desire, accomplish a goal, or fill in the blank.

For many it is a fresh start. The slate is clean from the prior year, and now it all begins again.

I don’t look at a new year this way. I look at each day this way. I believe if you stack days of doing the right things as a general rule, then the turn of the calendar is simply the next day.

The suggestions you’re going to receive here are not everything I would suggest. That list would be way longer than twelve, rather these are the first twelve that came to mind in the one minute I spent considering. So, this list is not complete as it can’t be, since we are all different, but I can promise you that these things will make a difference.

They are not in any particular order, except for the first one, which is the most important:

  1. Self-care first: If you don’t take care of the goose, the golden eggs will eventually stop. You are the goose. End of lesson. This would be a great time to read or re-read the first few chapters of 3 Circles Living to get the deeper picture of this one.
  2. Question all assumptions: You can apply this to everything in your life. You make assumptions in every interaction, when you receive any piece of information, and when you consider what you are or are not capable of. Many of the assumptions you make are not true. Since it’s impossible to NOT make assumptions, it is critical that you examine them to maximize your potential and your impact.
  3. Focus on what you can control and affect: This will keep you in a proactive state in life, and dramatically reduce stress. I did a blog recently on this that you can search should you want to.
  4. Be grateful: You are immensely blessed. Take time each morning, even if it’s just a few minutes and consider all that you have to be grateful for, and it will start your day from a place of abundance and good vibes. Remember…when you wake up in the morning you “get” to have another day. Another crack at whatever is in front of you.
  5. Stick to Your Values and Principles: If you haven’t taken the time to clarify these, now is the time to do so. These are your guideposts. They make your life a lot simpler, and make sure you are going in the direction you want to go.
  6. Listen More Than You Speak: By a long shot.
  7. Pursue Excellence not Perfection: Imperfectly done is better than perfectly planned and never executed. Nothing and no one, as a general rule is perfect.
  8. Forget Patience and Embrace Diligence: You’re never going to be truly patient. It’s just not in our make-up. Stay diligent in your actions and pursuit, and stick to the fundamental process that yields long term results. Consistent effort over time wins, and it’s rarely accompanied by patience.
  9. Don’t Compare Yourself to Anyone Else: Be you and do you. There’s no one just like you and in your exact set of circumstances, so don’t waste a second comparing any aspect of you and your life to anyone else.
  10. Allocate Time Daily to a Project of Your Heart and Dreams: If it’s on your heart to do, it’s congruent with who you are at your core. To not do this will be a hole in your life that you feel, deprives you of all the growth, joy, and fulfillment of the pursuit, and puts a cloak over the light you can be shining to contribute to others. Stop making excuses and get to it.
  11. Journal Regularly: Ideally it would be something daily, although some days there isn’t much that’s ready to go from the head to the paper. This is one of the highest value things you can do.
  12. Majority Avoidance: Whatever the majority of people are doing, do the other thing. Unless you absolutely want what they are getting. I have lived my life by taking the other fork in the road. Sure, the road is bumpier, but journey is way more exciting, interesting, and leads to destinations that are typically much better.

I hope you grab onto some of these and implement them with purpose. They will make a difference.

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Many Blessings, Todd

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