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 What Do I Mean by Project?

In the context of this article, I’m not talking about putting a new addition on your house, or re-doing your bathroom, or painting the shutters, or anything else that is of this nature. And I’m not talking about leading some kind of project in your work.

I’m talking about something that comes from inside of you, that requires some commitment and creativity, and connects to your heart.

A simple way to think about this is Project YOU. This would be something you’ve always had on your heart to do, and/or something that would further enable you to do something that you really want to do, but cannot, and will not, be able to do, unless you take matters into your own hands.

This “Project YOU” Would be an Extension of the Money/Career Circle in 3 Circles Living.

This would generally fall under one of three things (and could be all three at once) in that it would either be a heart pursuit, a side gig, or a cause.

For definition:

Heart Pursuit- Something that is on your heart to do, and it won’t go away, regardless of how many years you try to make excuses for why you can’t do it. (i.e. writing a book, climbing Everest, running a marathon, building your own business of some sort, and the list goes on).

Side Gig- A means to generate additional income on your own time, that affords you the opportunity to do things that are important to you, that you cannot currently afford. (this list of examples could be endless and could include funding a heart pursuit or cause).

Cause- Something you initiate for the purpose of meeting a need that that is important for others, and isn’t currently being met adequately. (again…this list has infinite possibilities)

As you can see from how I’m defining them, these can all be done at once or singly by doing the same thing, depending on what it is.

Before I get to the real gold of this article, I have to say this: Whatever you do that is self-initiated and even remotely different from what the majority of people think is viable, you will hear negative noise about it. Guaranteed. Instead of allowing that to keep you from pursuing that which is of you to pursue, recognize that the majority of people are not getting very good life results. They are unhealthy, unhappy, and struggle financially. That statement is a FACT. So, keep that in mind when they attempt to give you advice on what you should and shouldn’t do.

Now to the Gold…

How Project YOU is Truly Helping Project YOU.

The ultimate project YOU is developing yourself and your life to the place of your highest opportunity to make an impact, or as I call it, a contribution.

This is essentially what the 3 Circles Living approach will do for you over time.

Now, here is the role the Project YOU of this article will play in the ultimate project YOU.

This is not a complete list, but is close enough for this purpose:

Time Skills: You will learn true time utilization skills when you add a project to an already busy life. This will then spill back into everything else you do as you become more attentive to how you spend the most valuable currency you have. This makes you a more purposeful and productive person.

Interpersonal Skills: This is the most important set of skills you can hone in this life (time use skills are number 2). You will become better with people and this will again spill back into every corner in your life.

Ownership: You will learn the value of taking ownership in something, which incidentally spills directly back into how you see your work place, and in taking ownership in life. There is one person who is responsible for how your life unfolds…the person in the mirror.

Fulfillment: There is nothing more fulfilling than initiating something that serves another human being in a meaningful way. Fulfillment brings a sense of peace, joy, and gratitude, that emanates as you go through your day.

Endurance: Working on anything of value, where you have made a deep enough commitment that you will not stop regardless of how the journey is at times, builds your endurance muscles and prepares you for wherever else this project will lead you. And I can tell you from experience, that anything worth doing will ultimately lead you places beyond what you can imagine now, serving as jumping off platforms for the next great adventure. I call this following the thread.

Confidence: As your competencies rise (skills) your confidence will naturally grow. To accomplish something you have yet to accomplish means that you have to do things you have never done, or at a level you have never done them. This blows out your comfort zone…which is the same thing as your confidence zone. You will see life in a bigger way.

Attitude: Pursuing something that is your own energizes your mind and spirit. It makes you feel alive. This has a huge impact on your attitude everywhere else too. You start to become a beacon.

As an example (in multiples), most of the people in my business team over the years have been side-giggers. Through the things that I mention above (and maybe from some of the personal coaching they get from me), they almost always do substantially better in their careers and their relationships, and many go on to do much greater things than their prior selves would have ever believed possible. That is the truth.

My final words today are this: DO. NOT. WAIT. Your life is right now. Do not put something like this for the perfect time. That does not exist. START NOW.

Here is a video I did a while ago that is specifically for you if you are in management or leadership. This is an important message to understand.

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Many Blessings, Todd

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