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Your Attitude and Emotional Energy are Too Important to Allow Others to Pollute It.

I was doing a group coaching for a leadership group the other day and one of the participants (Dr. Davida Anderson) said “I’m allergic to negativity.”

I go to great lengths to minimize ANY negativity coming into my head and have been teaching and encouraging others about this for three decades now. So, given my perspective on negativity, I just loved the simplicity and truth of what Davida said.

We are all allergic to negativity, although many are not self-aware enough to realize it.

What happens when you are allergic to something and don’t stop being around it, ingesting it, or take some sort of intervening steps? You are sick and miserable.

And that is EXACTLY what constant exposure to negativity will do to you.

And Guess What Happens as a Result?

You become a carrier.

Negative energy is palpable. It’s substantive. It’s so thick when it’s present you can almost touch it in the air.

Negative energy is expressed through your attitude, your outlook, your expectations, and ultimately, in the outward results in your life.

Nothing, and I mean nothing, is more contagious than a negative attitude.

When someone breathes a negative attitude into a room, everyone gets infected immediately. The worst virus in the world cannot hold a candle to the contagious nature of a negative attitude.

Would You Let Someone Dump a Garbage Can in Your Living Room?

Probably not. Spending time with a negative person is worse. You can leave your living room and go to another room.

You can’t leave your own head. When someone dumps their negative lode in your brain, it goes with you into the next room.

Be smart about this.

In 3 Circles Living, I share quite a bit of my truth in regard to my very real battle with anxiety, depression, and negative self-perception throughout my life. I also share how I proactively center and steel myself against it. And WIN.

You have to be proactive just to deal with the big, black-hatted person that sits on your shoulder and whispers negativity from yourself back to yourself.

You are a psychological outlier if this doesn’t apply to you by the way. Just saying.

The battle within is challenging enough. No need to let someone else dump some more into your head, especially if you are highly sensitive to it like me.

I can see and feel negative energy from across the street.

You are Too Valuable to Others to Let This Happen.

Everywhere you go, you touch people with your energy and attitude. And it leaves a mark. For you to leave a positive mark, you have to be in a true positive state. This takes work, and it is absolutely worth it.

Do the proactive stuff I talk about in the book and be extra careful to control two things.

One, and this is easy, stay away from the BS that the media puts out. It’s going to be even worse than ever over the next 11 months because this is an election year. The media’s entire focus will be divisive negativity. I really don’t know how these people can look in the mirror. Seriously.

Second, and this is harder in some cases, minimize the time you spend with negative people. Yes, you may have to work with some in your job, and you may have some in your family. But you can manage the effect if you’re purposeful.

I hope this is helpful, and I encourage you to share this one to the people you work with and the people you care about.

This is a video from several years ago that was an off the cuff Facebook live, that gives you the other side of the attitude equation…there’s some helpful nuggets in it for you!

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Many Blessings, Todd

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