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Your Life Will be a Direct Reflection of How You Invest Your Time

I have many weaknesses. The list is embarrassingly long…if in fact it was embarrassing. It’s not.

I’m human just like you…as far as I know. We’re all full of weaknesses AND strengths.

A few of my weaknesses are: I can’t organize my way out of a paper bag. I learn sloooowwwwllllyyy. Regardless of how skilled with people I become, I’m just always going to feel socially awkward. I have absolutely zero mechanical or technical brain cells. The list…goes on.

There are a few things I am crazy good at (just like you). One of them is the use of time. I don’t know anyone in my life who gets more life into their time than I do…and I don’t sacrifice rest/sleep to do it.

Time is our greatest asset on this planet. It’s a valuable currency that we are all blessed with. There is no shortage for anyone. There is however, a shortage of knowing how to best use it.

What’s Wrong With a “To-Do” List?

Absolutely nothing.

As long as the right stuff is on it.

And this is where the work in this area takes a little honing for most people.

I didn’t just suddenly get good at time use. I had to work at it. It has been an evolution. It started with developing the discipline of planning, but that is only maximized if you are planning the right things, in the right pieces of life, based on what matters most.

I talk about the planning piece in the last section of “3 Circles Living.” It’s impossible to live your best life without planning. But planning is actually the LAST piece of the puzzle.

Getting to WHAT to Plan and Implement is the Magic.

If you have already developed the simple discipline of planning, then you know what a difference it makes. But that difference pales when compared to the quantum difference it can make when you go deeper.

I did a training for the team in the community I lead recently on how to use your time best.

The training was broken into two parts. The first was about life in general. My focus with everyone I ever train, coach, and mentor, be it my own team or a company who has brought me in to work with their leaders, is to help them be more effective as a person first. I know the secret to sustainable awesomeness in life and in an organization is to grow and become the best version of yourself. Grow your people, grow your venture. Pretty simple, and absolute truth.

Anyway, this video is the front half of the training that is for anyone. The platforms and questions that I give you can absolutely help you change your life in a massive way, and if you follow it, and do the work, your “to-do” list will start to look a bit different.

And your life results will gradually get better and better.

I shoved a school bus worth of content into a Volkswagen worth of time, so if you take this seriously, you’ll have to stop and start the video.

Most people won’t watch something like this. They want a 2-minute hack for fixing the things in life that are a bit broken. Which is why those things tend to stay broken.

This video can truly give you some tools that can help you move towards an amazing life. I encourage you to watch/listen straight through, and then go back and do the work.

Your future self will be very glad you did.

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Many Blessings, Todd

P.S. When you feel better, you do better. If you want to take your physical and mental well-being to an entirely new level, check out my new Wellness page: Wellness – Todd Burrier

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