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The Easier Life is, the Softer You Get.

And the softer you get the harder life is.

Quite the paradox, isn’t it?

We want things to be easy. We crave conveniences, because they make life easier. We want the shortcut. The effort saver. The fast food. The delivery. The “easy button.”

It’s natural. We’re human. We seek comfort. And easy is comfortable.

The more technologically advanced we get, the easier lots of things become. AI is a craze now. Why? Because it’s easier to let a computer think for us than do it ourselves.

I like things to be easy too. Especially when it comes to things I don’t like to deal with. But we have to be smart enough to moderate easy. Because anything that’s easy is not making us better.

Instant gratification is easy. Disciplining ourselves to do what’s best in the long run? Not so much.

The Challenge with the Easy Mindset, is That LIFE is NOT Easy

Practically every day, you and I are faced with circumstances and situations that are not easy. Especially if we are trying to do things of lasting value, in the areas of life that are of value (3 Circles).

The easier most things we deal with are in life as a general rule, the less patient we will be with the difficulties, the less creative we will be, the less thoughtful we will be, the less diligent we will be…

Anything hard, will seem ridiculously hard.

Perseverance and tenacity are like muscles you build. The more you exercise them the more readily available they are and the stronger they get.

Have you noticed how two people can be in the same situation and circumstances, and one is losing their mind about it, and the other is simply breezing through?

Or how about when you see someone flip out over something that you think is no big deal?

Simple examples of the everyday truth of what I’m saying here.

You Can Read About Character, But You Won’t Get It from Reading.

When something is hard, the issue isn’t how hard the thing is. The issue is that you aren’t skilled enough yet for it to be less hard. And…things of lasting value are always going to be somewhat hard anyway.

You can read about how to do something, but that won’t make it easier for you to do. You have to do the thing. And most times, the thing is going to seem really hard at first if it’s worth anything to learn.

So, you push and strain and get ticked off and struggle and after a while it starts to get easier.

I’m not a masochist.

I’m not saying everything should always be hard.

My underlying point here is that some things should continuously be hard to some degree. Especially the things that matter.

When you stop improving something, by definition, you stop getting better.

Improving things is harder than the easy thing of accepting that it’s good enough.

A simple general rule that I personally follow is this:

When it comes to things that don’t matter much or are not in my strength zones, I do everything possible to find a way that’s easiest for me personally. I’ll pay someone else to do it, I’ll put a band aid on it, I might even just blow it off.

But when it comes to the things that matter? I will work at it until I get to the point where its easier. And then I’ll raise the bar and make it harder again. Over and over and over.

I do this in my health and fitness journey. I do this in my relationship skills. I do this in my work, always.

I lean into the things that are uncomfortable for me because I know they’ll get comfortable after a while, and then I’m going to make them uncomfortable again.

End result? Things that seemed impossible and/or terrifying years ago, are now second nature to me, while I attempt new things that seem impossible and terrifying.

I can endure lots of mental hard stuff. I don’t like it, but I can endure it. Because I’ve pushed through so many things in the past that the muscles are well-developed.

And you probably can too. But don’t rest on that. Keep stretching.

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Many Blessings, Todd

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