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Your Credibility is Everything When It Comes to Sustainable Leadership.

No one is following you any further than they are minimally required unless they believe in you.

And this speaks directly to your credibility.

People buy YOU…or they don’t. If they don’t buy you, then you have no prayer of ever getting them all-in, and the reality is, the best people will be all-out as soon as they can.

The challenge for many leaders, is that they believe this is purely work related. And they are totally WRONG.

Noone really cares what your title/position is. They don’t care much what you have accomplished either. What they care about, is do you care about them, and are you a person they would aspire to be like.

THIS is a WHOLE Person Thing

In leadership, much as in life, you are under a microscope. Leaders are scrutinized harder than someone who is not in a leadership position.

Maybe you think that is unfair.

Get used to that. Life isn’t fair. It’s just. Is nature fair? No. And neither are people in general.

You have to earn someone’s followership.

If you are a star in your work, but you treat people poorly, and you look like you are about to keel over, no one worth having is going to think you are worthy of following. In fact, you shouldn’t even think you are worthy of following.

Would you want the people that work for you to be a mess?

That will not produce an attractive work environment, nor will it be sustainable.
It’s gotta start with you.

Leadership is a relationship.

So, immediately, you have to know that how skilled you are with people and your day-to-day demeanor matters. A lot.

Here’s How the 3 Circles Massively Elevates Your Credibility and Effectiveness.

It starts with self-care. You owe it to the people you serve in your work to show up as your best self. Your employer and your clients deserve this too.

If you cannot be disciplined enough to take care of yourself, who in their right mind is going to believe that you will take care of them?
Your lack of discipline will kill your credibility.

Part of self-care is skills development, and the first place to start, is with people skills and fostering relationships. Guess where that starts?

Right at home. You have to practice being excellent in relationships with the people who matter most.

Do you think the people who work for you are going to believe that you value them if you aren’t demonstrating that you value the people you love the most? No way.

A poor home life is a credibility killer for a leader.
It shows a lack of discipline, and a lack of empathy and care.

If you can’t take the time to get it right at home, you are not likely to get it right in the workplace either.

Take care of yourself, show up at home, and now you are demonstrating a wholeness to your credibility.
The microscope will only make you look better. And the people you lead will aspire to be better.

This video is about 3 blended principles that are right in line with the 3 Circles nature of the truth I just shared with you.

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Many Blessings, Todd

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