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Everyone wants to know the Secret to Success.

What are the right tools, the right words? What are the clever hooks and the pressure points? How do you…?

These are not the things that create success. Can they be useful? A little.

Especially success in growing an organization of people to achieve something sustainable and important.

Many years ago, I created what seemed to be a meteoric level of success in a venture, in what was considered a short period of time. And it had nothing to do with anything remotely unique. It was driven by a single thing…which I’ll give you in a minute.

This Past Week I sat on a Beach in the Dominican Republic and Listened to a Story That Tells THE Story.

The woman had spent 18 years as a dental hygienist and on the side had a nice little referral marketing business (a hybrid business model that limits risk and maximizes personal potential) with wellness products.

Through all this time, she earned enough money through her side business to pay for her own product consumption, and have some extra money for things in life, while enjoying the positive connection with people and the natural personal growth that comes with being part of this type of broader community (exactly the kind of community I have built over the years and am accelerating now).

Then the pandemic disrupted life.

Businesses were shut down; her livelihood was threatened. This was a period of choice.

Complain and cower in fear.


Do Something.

She poured herself into her little side business. And within 3 years had built a massive and growing organization that completely changed her life, and many other lives, financially forever.

Was there a new system, tool, product, magic word?


It’s All About Energy

She simply applied energy. More of it, in a focused way.

She simply took a magnifying glass to her energy, and directed it as a laser.

This was a benchmark moment for her, and she seized it.

I was sitting with a group of leaders a few days after this story was passed on to me (and after I had met this woman myself).

And of course, one of the leaders said, what did she do? The natural question. Of course, the real question is what gimmick, trick, or magic….

My answer was one word.


Success comes from energy. If you want to go faster. Put in more energy.

I teach a very simple set of fundamentals for building a business, just like I teach a simple set of fundamentals for all the core skills that make you uber effective in life.

The key to faster success with the proper fundamentals is only energy. Not talent.

Taking care of self to have the physical energy, directing your emotional/mental energy to the mission at hand, and pouring this onto those who join your mission. 3 Circles Living is fundamental to this of course, as it creates the sustainable energy in both physical and mental capacities.

Energy is inspiring, attractive, contagious, and feeds on itself.

Every day you have the choice to focus your energy. You don’t need a life-altering set of circumstances to initiate this.

You need to decide to go after the life you want, and the accomplishments that matter.

Instead of wasting energy on the reasons why not you…and why not now….

Stand up. Decide. Do with vigor, and you will progress.

I am building a large community right now. We are early in the big picture but have made exciting and meaningful progress.

People ask me what are you doing to make this happen?

I’m. just. Doing. The work.

Putting in the energy, and letting the energy light more fires.

Quit trying to figure out exactly how to do something. Focus your energy and start moving, and the picture will paint itself.

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Many Blessings, Todd

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