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Do You Want More Joy in Your Life?

Not happiness. Joy. Happiness is a situational temporary kind of thing in my experience.

Joy is deeper. It’s on the level of true gratitude and fulfillment. It’s a state of being.

It emanates from you like a glow. And it’s possible to attain. Granted, life is tough in many ways, so we can have difficult times that seem to rob joy even when it’s our general state of vibe. That’s not really the case.

Difficulties’ may make us temporarily unhappy, but they don’t eliminate joy.

Joy is connected to such a deeper place of living and understanding. It’s not stoic per se, but it does involve getting to a place where you have the patience and acceptance of life to know that whatever is happening is connected to some reason that is beyond you in the moment, and will take years to know how it helped you be better and capable of more joy.

Joy is THAT.

I was on a trip recently with a lot of people who are joyful. Many of whom I have not seen in a year.

It’s natural for someone to ask you how you are doing. When they asked me, my response, which is always my truth, was “I have never been better in my entire life.”

Because I have deep joy (I also have peace, fulfillment, gratitude, and some other wonderful things steeped in me as well). I have not always been like this of course; it’s been quite a journey to get here.

Joy (THAT) Can be Connected to Many Things, but it Evolves from One Thing: THIS.

So, what is THIS?


I know this is highly counterintuitive.

Don’t we associate self-discipline with a form of self-punishment?

I cannot argue this point. At first it does feel a little like this. Which is another example of how often feelings don’t tell the story. We have to be self-aware enough to move through feelings and consider the truth Instead of what we “feel” is the truth.

Everything runs through your emotions first. Then your logical brain gets a crack at it…if you sit still long enough and breathe and consider.

Think About What Brings You Joy.

Love brings joy. Feeling physically and mentally good bring joy. Helping others brings you joy. Doing work that is congruent with your natural strengths and inclinations brings you joy. Anything that provides deep fulfillment brings you joy. True gratitude for life and all you are blessed with brings you joy. And perhaps you have a few others on your list.

What is at the core of all of these things?


In my world of 3 Circles Living, all of these joy creators are a natural out-cropping and progression of disciplining yourself to do the things that lead to the long run of all this joy.

Self-discipline is Only Difficult at First.

Seneca said “Tiresome it is in the first stage of abstinence, as the organs of appetite decline in strength and exhaustion, the cravings die down.”-Seneca

This is the reality of initial feeling of self-discipline.

Getting up to go to the gym when you don’t feel like it. A little more time in bed is feels temporarily happier. But it’s not.

Once you fully gasp how important taking care of yourself is, then giving in to staying in bed, ultimately robs you of joy, since it leads to guilt and self-loathing of some fashion. Guilt and self-loathing are clouds on your life.

Giving in to instant gratification on a consistent basis is the surest way possible to end up with a life you wish was different.

The faster you embrace that the life you want lays down the road paved with acts of self-discipline, the more joy you will bring into your life.

And joy is a compounder. It brings more good things and people to you, and hence multiplies your joy.

The self-discipline path in 3 Circles Living is the long game that sequentially….

Takes you to higher health physically.

Makes you feel better mentally.

Develops the unique abilities in you.

Makes you better able to show up for those you love.

Makes you a better servant for all your other relationships.

Makes you better in doing your job.

Gives you more confidence to pursue interests that tug at your heart.

Brings you to the place where you can stand strong and truly go after your dreams.

It all starts with simple disciplines.

These are not optional for a good life, and hence they are not optional for joy.

The next time you are tempted to take the short fork in the road. The one that leads to feeling good in the moment. Remember these words.

Change your choice. Pick the long game fork.

In a short period of time, 3 weeks or so, you will begin to experience much different circumstances as a general way of living.

And it will only get better from there.

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Many Blessings, Todd

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