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“How Do I Motivate Someone?”

Over my 30 years of teaching leadership, this question is at the top of the most frequently asked.

My answer is simple…. You can’t.

And you never will. Motivation is internal it has little to do with you or anything you might do.

Since you can’t motivate someone, it’s obvious that these leaders are asking the wrong question.

The real question is “How do I EMPOWER someone?”

There are Two Ways to Empower.

The first is the microwave approach. Give them more authority.

The second is the sustainable approach. Bring them to more strength and confidence.

The problem with the first one is that power, like money, only makes someone more of what they already are.

If someone is a jerk, and you give them more authority, you have just birthed a bigger jerk.

The second one is the golden egg. This is where you grow them to the place that you are now smart to give them more authority. It’s the ideal natural progression.

Yes, it takes some patience and investment on your part.

And this leads to the crux of the entire issue.

Why Do You Want Someone to Be Empowered?

I know the obvious answer. Because its best for the accomplishment of the objective. Boring. Shallow. Short term focused. A dime a dozen.

Empowerment is all about mindset.

YOUR mindset. Not theirs. They don’t even know they aren’t empowered. They’re just trying to figure out life and work, and if they even have something to offer.

It’s up to you to bring out the best in people.

That’s the leader’s job.

The best leaders know that when you grow people, everything else grows too.

This is about the long game. You don’t kill the goose to get the egg. You take care of the goose and get endless eggs.

If Your People are Not Empowered, Step to the Mirror.

It’s not them. It’s you.

It’s okay if you don’t like me in this moment. As a purveyor of truth, I’m used to it.

But if you take to heart what I’m saying, you’ll love me eventually.

You have to serve your people in growing as a person. And you cannot do this until you have invested in the relationship.

I know you want the task done. And if you invest in the relationship, you will get the task done at the best possible level in time.

I know you’re busy. But that’s no excuse to short cut this. You cannot microwave a relationship. That will seem like manipulation, and you can forever forget being trusted if you smell at all like a manipulator.

If you are too busy, then once again, step to the mirror.

Ask yourself: What am I so busy with that is more important than investing in my most important resource? (your people)

What am I spending time on, that I could easily delegate if I was willing to let go?

How well am I utilizing my time in general?

What are all my priorities?

I can go on. But you can too, so go ahead if these don’t do the trick.

Empowerment Starts with Trust.

This is the golden nugget in leadership. The more you are trusted the more people will run through walls to make something happen.

You cannot tell people to trust you, you just have to make it really hard for them not to.

This comes through operating with integrity, investing in relationship, and operating with a servant mentality.

Only when people WANT to follow you will you have the opportunity to empower them.

This goes way beyond your position, authority, title and power. It goes straight from heart to heart.

Once there’s trust, you can grow any willing person.

And empowerment is a natural out-cropping of growth.

I teach an exact recipe for this. In fact, I’m teach in it this weekend via zoom to an awesome group of aspiring leaders.

But unless your heart is right, the recipe is worthless.

You have to have the mindset and heart to put your people before your objective. Is that a risk? Sure. Everything is a risk.

Putting the objective before the people is a bigger risk. And when you do it the objective first way, you will have ALL the risk. Because no one is going to care about what happens other than you.

People buy you before they buy the mission. Always.

Get your heart right, then learn the skills. And you will be an unstoppable empowering leader.

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Many Blessings, Todd

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