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There are NO Unimportant Jobs.

I was on a zoom last week with three other people, and one of the businessmen on the zoom shared a story from an event I did for him and his staff.

He owns a few successful restaurants and had me speak at a holiday event a few years back.

Whenever I speak to an audience, the first thing I do is share some of my story. I can never share the entire thing of course (because I’ve lived for almost 63 years now, so that’s 60 plus years of story), so I share what is relevant to the topic and relatable for the audience.

This is vital because people need to know you can understand where they are coming from. Most people are struggling in some way, and when they see a speaker, they automatically will look at that person who is clearly successful enough to be asked to speak, and think “what do they know about what I am going through?”

In this case I shared how I started in life as a dishwasher. It’s how I earned enough money to attend my first year of community college (I then waited tables and bartended to pay for the rest of my education).

This Story Alone Would be Encouraging to Anyone.

Because they will look at me doing my thing in front of a room and think “Of course he can succeed.”

Because they have no idea what I have been through or where I am coming from. They don’t know I started with nothing. I now look like I could have been born with a silver spoon, when in fact it was a hand me down spoon.

By the way, what I just told you, is a massive lesson all by itself. The people you lead in any capacity need to know what you’ve been through, how you struggled, had doubts, messed up, etc.

Anyway, besides giving them some inspiration that they can go anywhere in life they want, starting from right there in that restaurant, I took them through a very simple process that I call connecting the dots.

This is a Powerful Empowerment Exercise.

Connecting the dots, which I explain in depth on this video, is the third part of the empowerment formula.

It’s about how important their job is to the success of the company. Which of course translates back to what’s actually in it for them.

A dishwasher is a prime example. They think and feel like this is a dirty, meaningless job.

But nothing could be farther from the truth. How important to the success of a restaurant is a clean dish? How important to the success of a recipe is a clean pot or pan?

Dishwashers also do the cleanup work. The bathrooms, the spills on the floor. How important are these things?

To a patron of the restaurant, they might be as, or more important, than anything else, depending on the person. But one thing we know for sure…anything dirty in a place you are about to eat, does not make you feel very confident that it’s a place you want to eat again!

This man shared on the zoom that his employees still talk about this lesson and the event. Which personally, I find very fulfilling.

Anyway, I encourage you to take the time to watch this video. You cannot connect the dots for someone until you have done a few other things. I give you the exact empowerment formula here.

If you take it to heart, you can make a greater impact with the team you serve in anything you do.

I encourage you to share this with others in leadership.

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Many Blessings, Todd

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