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Patience is a Result, not a Virtue….

I know that it’s listed as a virtue in some religions, but I see it as a result that comes FROM virtues.

There are four “Cardinal virtues” that are found in practically all religions: courage, temperance, justice, and wisdom.

Patience often takes courage, is an act of temperance (self-discipline), can involve justice in a variety of ways, and absolutely requires wisdom.

Yet, despite our ability to learn to BE patient, we are not.

You and I are Never Going to Feel Patient.

It is simply not in our DNA. If we desire something, we want it now. If we care about something, we want to help now. If we have a problem, we want it fixed now.

It’s been this way since we first laid in our mother’s arms and expressed our hunger.

I used the word “feel” because it’s the truth. We can demonstrate patience, but we are actually demonstrating the result of wisdom and self-discipline most of the time.

We learn to accept our impatience and wait anyway. We learn to be patiently impatient.

Or we pay the steep price for our lack of wisdom and self-discipline.

We make choices that satisfy our desire in the now. Our desire to be comfortable, to satisfy a hunger, to make the pain go away, to have it all, to do it all.

What Do We Get in the Long Run from Those Instant Gratification Choices?

More discomfort, more hunger, more pain.

Everything worth having has a price.

And it can rarely be paid in the moment on-demand. Even material things that you can buy now, are the result of accumulated past effort.

Because it involves time. You cannot live a great life and steal time from your future.

Yet it happens every day. Over and over.

All you have to do is look at the areas of your life that you do not like your result, and you will be staring at an area you neglected. If you’re young, you neglected out of ignorance.

If you have a little worn tread on your life’s tires, you neglected out of impatience.

You kept trying to fix the financial hole by filling it with the quick money play.

You kept trying to fix the health hole with magic pills (pharma or other) and gimmicks.

You kept trying to fix the relationship hole with things and events.


Life is Simple.

There are basic fundamentals that fix all the holes, and then allow you to build on the foundation.

When people ask me how I’m doing I answer, “I cannot imagine how I could be doing any better.”

Did I always feel this way?

Absolutely not. I’ve been extremely unhealthy in my life. I’ve had my relationships in tatters. I’ve been bankrupt.

Once. In each case.

I’m a regular guy. Not super smart. Not overly talented. Not genetically gifted. And I know for a fact, that I am no better than anyone else on this planet.

I am also hyper-aware that everything can change in a blink. So, I am immensely grateful for every minute I get, and I feel deeply responsible for making as much of a contribution to others as I humanly can while I’m on this earth.

I am a teacher. And I only teach what I have learned through doing.

If you will start today to impatiently live in accordance with the 3 Circles, things will change everywhere and in everything for the better. It will not change overnight.

It will change gradually. But you will begin to see change and feel the hope of better things to come in a relatively short time.

Yes. You will have tears. But they will be the right kind of tears.

You have too much in you to not let it shine. The people you love are too important for you to not show up as your best. The contribution you can make to your work your causes, your heart pursuits can ONLY be made by you.

Get. To. It.

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Many Blessings, Todd

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