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I’m Not Necessarily Saying You ARE Ridiculous…

I just want to keep you from BEING ridiculous. Especially in the things that matter the most.

What would be ridiculous?

Well…I guess there’s lots of things. The idea that an elephant can fly, that politicians tell the truth, that the sky is actually the ground…feel free to add a few here if you are feeling creative!

In the context of this little fount of wisdom, ridiculous is allowing other people to choose what you do with, and how you live, your life.

You’ve Already BEEN Ridiculous…

Now before you get all huffy and mad….let me give you something to think about.

Have you ever NOT done something that you wanted to do (and may have even believed it was the best thing for you to do), because someone else poo-pooed the idea?

Did you have something you wanted to be when you grew up, but never really went after it because someone told you that would never happen?

Did you ever quit something because someone made fun of you?

I can go on…but you have probably already begrudgingly nodded your head yes.

Every Time We Let Other’s Words and Opinions Stop us, We Hand Them the Reigns

That’s the reality.

You let someone else decide what your life will be like when you don’t do what you want because you are afraid of what they might say.

Here’s how ridiculous that is…

Whatever they say is based on how they see the world, what they are afraid of, and basically is an indicator of the tininess of the box they live in.

Plus, they have no real idea of who you really are, what you are capable of, what you deal with, what’s important to you, what your gifts and strengths are, etc. etc. etc.

In other words, their view is one of mostly complete and utter ignorance.

Would you, in your right mind, allow someone who is limited and ignorant tell you what you should do?

No. That would be ridiculous!

There is No Box

I love the part in the Matrix when the young child says to Keanu Reeves “there is no spoon.”

In yours and my case, there is no box.

The box that we put ourselves in is made of limiting beliefs both from our own lack of self-awareness and development, and other’s input.

It only actually exists if we decide to conform to this limited, finite mind structure.

Once we realize that there is no end to our capacity to develop, there is no box.

You will never reach your full potential on earth. We simply don’t live long enough.

Just think about how much wiser you are than you were 10 years ago?

Think what the past 10 years would have been like had yourself 10 years ago had your current wisdom from which to operate.

You cannot reach higher levels of life listening to other voices unless you choose the ones that have massive wisdom and experience in the areas you are pursuing.

Pick a Few Voices and Ignore the Rest

Look for people who have a long history of sustainable results in the things you want to do.

If it’s health and fitness, talk to someone who has been healthy and fit for 30 years or more (not counting up until age 20).

If it’s relationship oriented, talk to someone who has had a 30 plus year healthy relationship.

If its career related, talk to someone who’s been successful for 30 years.

If it’s entrepreneurship, talk to someone who has been successful in a single venture for more than 10 years. Why only 10 in this case? Because 95% of all ventures fail over 10 years, and because entrepreneurs do about three times as much in a day as the average worker. Hence the math.

When I started on the path to this crazy good life I have (that I spend six days a week paying forward to others), I was consistently ridiculed, laughed at, criticized, dismissed, and lots of other things that came at me daily.

But, it was my life. No one else had a right to tell me how to live it.

So, I took it all with a smile and kept doing the things they didn’t believe possible.

And now I live a life that is exactly the way I want to live and do exactly what it is I want to do, and those voices either went away completely or asked if I could help them too.

Don’t be ridiculous.

Live your life. Chase your dreams.

Many Blessings, Todd

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