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Prospering is Flourishing in All Things.

I have to point that out for someone that doesn’t know me yet.

Typically, prosperity is associated with material wealth. And while that can be true, that is not the lens I live life from, since I know that material wealth is a poor substitute for flourishing in health, relationships, fulfillment, joy, and life in general.

Ironically, but common sensibly, when you flourish in the things I mentioned…which is to say, have abundance in them, you’ll end up with more than enough material wealth too, depending on how much that matters to you.

What’s a Key Thing That Leads to Flourishing?

Your attitude.

Your attitude about yourself, about your possibilities in life, and about the hand you are dealt on this earth.

Your attitude will impact everything you do, and everyone you touch.

It’s more contagious than any virus ever created by man or produced in nature.

The better you feel about things, the better things go in general.

A great attitude doesn’t keep you from adversity, it simply changes how you go through it.

One of the 17

In the video below, which I encourage you to watch, you will get 17 different things that can help you cultivate an attitude that will have you prospering over time.

I am a master of this topic. Not because of my brains. I’m not that smart. But because I did the work to go from someone who truly believed that NOTHING good could ever happen for me, or come from me, to an entirely different way of being.

And I share that work with you in this video.

You’ll get a clear perspective of the truth, your responsibility in this area, the impact the right attitude has, and then the 17 things that you can implement. I personally do ALL 17 on a consistent basis.

The one I’ll give you today is what I call “Get-to” gratitude.

You have two simple ways you can approach something that is in front of you:

“Have to” or “Get to” (“want to” is not relevant, since you will have a good attitude about something you want to do).

“Have to” is disempowering. It feels like you don’t have control. It lends a negative vibration to whatever it is you are about to do. I have to work out, I have to do this assignment, I have to work today, I have to deal with this problem, I have to have this difficult conversation, I have to….

Any time you go into something from this perspective it feels like drudgery.

Will you be at your best? Probably not. You’ve already fed yourself negative energy, and negative energy is a depressant not a stimulant.

When You Flip This to “Get to” It is an Entirely Different Energy Field.

To recognize that you “Get to” is to have gratitude that you are even in the position to be able to do whatever it is.

It shifts the way you think about the thing, because you are fortunate already. You can see the possibility in what you will do, the benefits of it, the learning that will come, the progress that will come, and on and on.

When you wake up in the morning you “Get to” have another day. This is something to celebrate, not dread. If you dread the day, you need to begin immediately to work on this, because the life you will continue to create will lead to more dread.

Life is short and uncertain.

Each day is a gift. Each thing you do, there are millions of people in the world, who do not have the opportunity to do it. Yet, you do.

Be grateful you “Get to.” In all things. And before long you will notice how everything around you is changing for the better.

I encourage you to watch this full video (or listen to it since it’s not about visuals, it’s what is said that is of value). These lessons are how my life went from shambles to a life I could never have envisioned.

I also encourage you to share the video. Everyone you know can use this.

Many Blessings, Todd

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