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Is a Road Paved by Irony.

Abundance is basically having more than you need.

Do you acquire more than you need from taking as much as you can?

Not if you want a true LIFE of abundance.

You might get an abundance of material possessions if you take as much as you possibly can, but that is more like a form of gluttony, isn’t it?

If you always want more, then you are living in scarcity, even if you have a lot already.

Will those possessions give you love abundantly? Vitality abundantly? Fulfillment abundantly?


A Life of Abundance is One That is Plentiful in ALL the Things That Matter.

The Irony is that achieving a life of abundance doesn’t come from “taking” anything. It comes from “giving” abundantly.

If are a taker, eventually you will have little. Because you will be alone. Just you and your stuff.

You don’t “GET to give” in life, you “GIVE to get.”

If you want a healthy body, you have to give it quality nutrition, exercise, time, rest, water. Consistently.

You get a healthy body (abundance) through the process of giving.

If you want healthy relationships at home, with friends, in the community, and in business, you have to give to those relationships consistently. You give your kindness, consideration, respect, attention, time and you get abundance back, eventually.

If you want to have abundance in finances and achievement in your career/pursuits, you have to give give give. Over time you receive abundance.

Life is Not About Each of Us. It’s About All of Us.

Where you and I come in, is that we have a role to play. We have a contribution to make. We are here to give our uniqueness, in our highest form possible, to the betterment of others. The more we do that, the better it is for us too.

This flies directly in the face of our own “What’s in it for me” wiring. This wiring makes sense as a child who has no broader perspective, but it’s not supposed to be a permanent state of being. We are to evolve and through wisdom see the bigger picture.

A Couple of Things Before I Wrap This Up….

An important thing to recognize is that even though we may not see noticeable change from each act of giving in the moment, we still get immediate value from the action.

You get satisfaction after doing the workout you dreaded. Sticking to the eating plan that day. You get growth from this.

You get massive “feel good” vibes (and literally brain chemicals) when you give of yourself to others. This can make you feel good the rest of the day.

The other important thing is the one I work by, and it’s a mindblower and game-changer if you totally embrace it.

I believe that the simplest path to an abundance of success in any business is to help others first as the means to have fruit on your own tree.

I have lived by this for more than 30 years.

I cannot give to someone who doesn’t want my help or who isn’t open. And I learned a long time ago, to let it go once I realize this is the case.

I give immensely to those that do.

I don’t consider that reciprocally they could never repay me in a lifetime. If that doesn’t make sense to you, here’s what I mean…

In my work, I help people make changes, and teach them things that they can use to completely change the trajectory of their life in a massive way for the better.

There’s no price tag for that. And hence, they could never pay me for what that’s worth.

I GET, massive fulfillment, and a “little” bit of financial benefit (not remotely financially commensurate).

I already know that what they get could be a massive blessing to them (and the people in their life), and I give until they get what they need to carry forward.

Over my career I have helped many thousands of people have major sustainable life change in which they (and the people they touch) reap abundant blessings.

And I receive a little blessing back from all of it.

And what do all of those thousands of little blessings add up to?


Without getting into more detail…people ask how my life has turned out the way it has…Uniquely blessed and abundant in what matters (and I do not take one second of it for granted. I am grateful every day, because I have been through and seen enough to know that something could happen even before you get to read this).

This is the answer. This is the secret sauce. Give abundantly, to the right things, and abundance, in time, will be your reward…which ironically again, allows you to give even greater.

This is a snippet from a group session I led a few months back that captures exactly what I’m talking about.

Many Blessings, Todd

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