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You Will Not Know the Answer to This Question…

But it is important to ponder the fact that you DON’T know.

So here is the context for the question, and why it is so important.

Saturday morning, I am sitting quietly at 5am with my coffee and journal. And I think about the fact that it is the first of June.

June is a special month to me for many reasons, one of which is that it is my birthday month. I ponder a moment and think about the fact that I will turn 63 this month, and then I say to myself “It’s June first. I wonder how many Junes I have left?”

If I follow the life expectancy path, I have 15 Junes left. That is an interesting thought. It’s also not really relevant because the truth is that I have no idea how many Junes I have left.

It’s possible this is my last one. It’s also possible I have 40 more left. I can only function in a way that prepares me for the 40 while living the best life possible in the moment I have now.

And This is THE POINT

You don’t know how many more Junes you have; you don’t know how many more Saturdays you have either do you?

So, why would you spend any of your precious unknown quantity of time compromising on life? Why settle for anything in your life that is not what you want it to be?

If You aren’t Living the Life You Truly Want, or In the Process of Creating It, Why Not?

In the big picture, this is exactly what I teach people to do who truly want it and are willing to take the journey.

I read this quote recently:

“We have two lives and the second begins when you realize you only have one.” (de Anrade)

The life you really want to live can only begin when you reach the point that you get clear on what matters to you, in all respects, and begin pursuing that life regardless of what others think or any inner baggage you have about who you are or aren’t.

For some, this happens via a crisis in health or with the loss of someone close to them. For others, it happens in a moment of inspiration, and still others don’t get this until they have wasted most of their lives living the way others would have them live.

Living the life you truly want is attainable for most anyone in the developed world. And it doesn’t matter what your current situation is. You start from wherever you are.

The Process I Teach Works and is An Organic Process of Development

It starts with investing in taking care of, and developing the ultimate resource you have: YOU.

This allows you to best show up for the people you love, and for the people you engage in your pursuits in life.

Then, from this foundation, you tackle whatever is on your heart to do, and you orient yourself towards ultimately living exactly where you want, doing what you want, and making your best contribution to whatever you are called to serve.

Yes, that is 3 Circles Living.

The sustainable platform for living your best and richest life.

While the Process is the Same for Everyone…

The path might be different.

This will be based on your evolving values.

I chose a path that does everything in the 3 Circles and is based on three core values for me. Complete freedom of how I use my time, deep investment in family and relationships, and serving others in life as the means to build wealth.

I have one life to live. I do not compromise on my principles or values, and I do not care at all what someone else thinks about my choices.

They aren’t living my life, I am.

Remember this, it’s vital. If you want to create the unique life that you are intended to have, you cannot pay attention to what others think. They are ignorant of what is best for you, and limited by their perspectives.

Here’s a little clip from a zoom session I did this past week, that has multiple nuggets for you:

Many Blessings, Todd

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