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There are NOT two crabs in This Picture.

The smaller crab was actually what the bigger crab looked like before he busted out of his shell and became the soft crab, the bigger crab in the picture.

Crabs do this once a month until they end up in the food chain somewhere.

Setting the physical aspects aside for a second and look at this from the inside as it relates to you and me.

You see, the way we grow in life as a person, involves pushing through who we used to be, to become the next level version of ourselves.

And this is where it gets tricky.

A crab has to grow as part of its natural process. The bigger it gets the less susceptible it is to things that can eat it. It doesn’t have a choice.

We, on the other hand, can choose to stop growing as a person and still survive.

But we will never thrive without continual growth.

How Do We Sequentially Grow and Keep Busting Our Shells?

By being purposeful and proactive.

We have to adopt a growth mindset.

We have to embrace the fact that we are meant to become all we can, in order to make the unique contribution that only we can make.

We have to treat our growth as mental self-care.

Each day read something, listen to something, watch something that helps you be better.

Challenge yourself constantly.

One of the best ways to do this is to take on something that makes you uncomfortable.

Growth is uncomfortable. It’s not nearly as uncomfortable as not growing eventually gets, but in the moment it is.

Your comfort zone is like a one-way shell. It doesn’t keep anything from happening to you, but it does keep you from happening to a lot of life.

How Often Do You Feel Uncomfortable?

This will tell the story. If the answer is not very often, this needs to change, quickly.

Over-comfort is the beginning of a downfall.

You rise and rise and then get to a place that feels good and settle….and what happens?

After a while you don’t feel so good. Your shell isn’t working the way you thought it would.

Lots of people think the good life is having so much money you can lay under a palm tree with a cold drink all day.

That will be nice for about a week or two…and then you get antsy.

Humans are not meant to be unproductive. It feels gross.

I’m purposeful about taking a few windows of time in a week to do absolutely nothing on purpose, because that IS the purpose, and it’s not easy to do! My brain asks me “what are you doing?” And I have to tell it I’m resting so I can do more of the stuff that takes care of me and serves the world.

If you are staying in your shell, you already know it. You can feel it.

Oh, not when you are busy distracting yourself. But even after a while of simply choosing to avoid yourself, you can feel the unrest in your spirit.

This is when you know you have outstayed the welcome of your shell.

Don’t allow yourself to get there.

Keep striving and break through shell after shell…until you realize…there never was a shell.

Many Blessings, Todd

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