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One of Your Biggest Restraints to Achieving Your Best Life is Your Natural Desire for Comfort.

This is not an indictment of you. It’s an indictment of US. The human race.

It’s natural for us to want to feel comfortable. To feel secure.

We crave the easy life.

It is only through the development of wisdom that we see the easy life for the trap that it is.

Unlike the rest of nature which wakes up in the morning with a focus on eating and not being eaten, we can wake up in the morning and choose.

And this is where the challenge comes in. We like to be comfortable. But comfort, while enjoyable in the moment, is the enemy. The more of it we have, the softer we get. The less prepared we are. The more that smaller things become big deals to us.

We become increasingly more vulnerable the more comfortable we get.

If you look at history, you’ll see that the more successful an empire became, the more it began to self-destruct.

Human nature at work.

We have to be purposeful in pushing past comfort and seeking discomfort.

Because without discomfort there is no growth, there is little learning of value. There is no strengthening.

Without discomfort we become focused on staying comfortable, keeping things the same, maintaining the status quo.

And this is the first light brush with the kiss of death. For a culture, a company, and an individual.

I am purposeful every day to make myself uncomfortable.

I challenge myself physically, I try new ideas in my work, I step into difficult conversations. Not because I like doing these things.

But because I love what it does FOR me.

And what it does for me, allows me to better serve OTHERS.

Now to your three questions….

When is the Last Time You Tried Something for the First Time?

Every now and then, you have to do new things. Shake things up. Feel the excitement and the trepidation. Show yourself that you have courage.

Do this with little things of little consequence, and with bigger things that cause your skin to tingle and your feet to sweat.

Take a minute to consider when was the last time? And then decide what the next time will be.

What was Something That was Really Difficult for You to Learn as an Adult?

This is a proof kind of question. You need proof that your own brain can point to when the nay-sayer voice in your head starts yelling. In 3 Circles Living there is a successes exercise that I have used with my coaching and workshop clients over the years. Do that exercise in earnest and it will serve you forward greatly.

We become subject in life to the negative conditioning of society and of the collective voices around us in our web of life relationships. This is augmented by our own doubts and perceived shortcomings.

Learning anything new is a process that we all can do, as we have done it hundreds of times in our life. Yet, the more adult we get, the more we care about looking bad as opposed to getting better.

Until of course, we get wise enough to not care about looking bad, and just do what matters and learn what matters.

You have to be bad at something before you can be okay at it, and you have to be okay at it before you can get good at it.

Take stock of some of these things that you learned and worked through the hard part. Then use it for the next thing you’ll tackle, to help you have the patience and self-tolerance to learn deeply.

What was Something You Felt Like Quitting and Then Stuck With?

This is my favorite of the three questions.

If you look at the things you value in your life, in any category, they were hard.

You felt like giving up many times but didn’t.

This is how you build the character necessary to do greater things and to handle life’s challenges.

Look at the things you stuck through, whether it was a physical challenge, a business situation that felt impossible at the time, or a love relationship. These made you better.

I purposefully create physical challenges for myself consistently in my life, because I know that physical disciplines are the hardest to do, and the easiest to control.

Make sure you are consistently working on something that is stretching you so much you don’t know if you can do it.

Because you can do it.

You are capable of much more than you know.

Take these to heart and you will be happy you did.

Here is a video clip from a recent zoom event that may give you a nudge.

Many Blessings, Todd

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