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This is an Excellent, Practical Question for Those Who Wish to Do Better.

I was asked this question in a zoom with a group of awesome aspiring leaders recently.

To give you some context, I was taking this group through a simple step by step process that would take them to achieving a life-changing outcome both financially and humanly.

One of the participants held up a copy of Napolean Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” and asked me the blog title question (which is one of Hill’s principles to big goal achievement). Then he pointed out, and rightly so, that when I started my business, I was in a very difficult situation and that was the “burning desire” piece for me, but most people today are pretty comfortable in life even if they aren’t where they’d truly like to be.

Fair and honest question.

I can’t remember what I said at the time specifically, other than no it doesn’t have to be a “burning desire.” So, I figured I’d noodle on it a bit and share with you, since at the moment I am in the midst of the biggest and most important project of my career, one that is a massive quest, and yet, I am steadily progressing forward WITHOUT ANY BURNING DESIRE.

Here are Various Perspectives That Can Serve You in Accomplishing What Matters Without Having a Burning Desire.

*A burning desire is important when we are immature. Then it can keep us focused. It’s also useful when the goal is massive, and the timeline is short.

*A burning desire is emotional. It has a shelf-life. No one can maintain a high emotional energy state indefinitely, and as you get farther into whatever your pursuit is, it invariably becomes difficult, and can have a sense of drudgery, not to mention periods where progress feels stagnant. There is no burning desire at play at this point. You are now in the stage where will and determination carry the load.

*While it’s true, and I write about this often, that we live in an extremely comfortable time in history, no amount of creature comforts can fill your soul. When you lay down distractions and have moments just with self, you can feel the holes. You can feel that something is missing. That there is more for you than you are accepting. You know you are settling for less than you can do, have, and be. This reflection can move you. It has nothing to do with a burning desire, and everything about the human condition of being on this planet to become the best version of self and to make a contribution. This is a decision, not a desire.

*Wisdom makes burning desire look like a cheap trick. The more evolved you become through life experience and purposeful investment in your development, the more you understand that what’s wrong with you isn’t holding you back, it’s lack of recognizing what’s right with you and putting it to use. This then becomes a responsibility. Once I accept responsibility, I need zero desire. I simply do it because it’s the right thing to do.

*Small steps repeated accomplish everything that matters. It takes no burning desire to take small steps consistently. It takes self-discipline. Self-discipline will beat burning desire in the long run most every time. Did I have a burning desire to be physically fit at 63? To have amazing relationships? To have financial resources beyond anything I could have imagined as a young man? No. Not in any case. I just reached a place in life where I understood how it all works and then, regardless of how I felt about it at the time, I did the simple steps. Over and over. No hint of burning desire. (just 3 Circles Living)

There is more that I could add, but I have a burning desire to go crabbing here in a few minutes, so I’m going to wrap this up😊

You cannot wait for some magical flame to spark you in life.

You have to decide what you truly want your life to look like in the next several years, and then you have to commit to doing whatever that takes. Then you figure out the small steps you can take daily to make it happen.

And then you do them. You don’t have to feel like doing them. You just do them.

Do I feel like doing massive pushups or pullups in the morning? No.

Do I feel like serving and helping people every day? No.

Do I feel like being patient in a conversation? No.

Get the point?

Right now, you are likely accepting much less in life than is waiting for you. You are likely giving much less to others than you could. And you are only a fraction of who you can become.

And that’s if you are doing well.

There is no finish line to your growth while you are here.

If you don’t become the best version of you and make the impact only you can make, you will be left with one thing to ponder in your later years.

Your burning regret.

That’s the final nugget. You don’t need a burning desire. But if you don’t get busy, you will be guaranteed a burning regret.

Don’t let that happen.

In my project, I take people on a journey that will bring out the wonderful unicorn that they are. If you need a nudge, reach out to me. If you got this, then get to it.

Many Blessings, Todd

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