My Mission

To Elevate, Equip, and Empower Others to a More Abundant Life.

My Vision

To see people flourish by developing their unique potential, advancing their skills, and participating fully and successfully in all things of importance to them.

My Philosophy

  • I believe in kindness, honesty, and respect as platform behaviors.
  • I believe that having a service mindset is the key to a wonderful and fulfilling life.
  • I believe that everyone is of value and here to make a uniquely meaningful contribution.

About Me

Dedicated to Serving By Teaching

My life’s work is dedicated to helping others live at their personal peak by building their interpersonal, productivity, leadership, and entrepreneurial skills.  I work with people to develop their unique raw material by showing them how to implement a range of life and business skills that lead to both a higher version of themselves and greater gains in their careers.

The fundamentals and principals I offer are timeless and work for everyone from corporations that want to construct strong management teams to individuals who are building careers or home based businesses.

To me, nothing feels better than making a contribution in this way.  I wake up each morning looking forward to the potential to positively impact someone’s present and future.

Not an easy journey…

I have empathy for those who struggle, but I know what can be done with a change of mind and a commitment to action. You see, my road to success was rough and rocky. I grew up in a semi-broken family, with little financial means, plus I’m an introvert, and struggled mightily with self-esteem and confidence.

I put myself through school as a waiter and bartender, earned a degree in Economics from the University of Maryland and ultimately ended up in banking. After two lay-offs in 4 years due to company difficulties, I started my own business. This was when I began pouring myself into self-development.

From then until now it’s been quite a ride. I uncovered my passion for teaching and helping others. Through the success of my businesses, new opportunities arose to teach and train others. And I took the opportunity to achieve an MBA from Mt. Saint Mary’s and the old me was stunned to find I finished in the top of my class.


Understand, that I did not build this success alone. Thankfully, over 30 years ago, I married an incredible woman with a beautiful soul and we have two adult children. I cherish my family and am grateful for all we share together.

After spending most of my life in Maryland, we recently moved to New Bern, North Carolina to be on the water so I can indulge in my personal passions of fishing and crabbing. And, it turns out the people are really nice, too!


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What my clients say

Todd is a great coach and an expert on team building. Our company hired Todd to speak with our team on the importance of communication and collaboration. We noticed immediate results and an incredible morale boost in our company. I would definitely recommend Todd as an incredible mentor and motivator.

David Silverstein
Partner, American Home Contractors

Not only is Todd a fantastic trainer and coach but he has this wonderful aura that surrounds him and his positive energy is infectious. You can’t help but want to be a better person after meeting Todd.

Annette Danek-Akey
SVP, Penguin Random House

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