Bob Coberg – Lansing, IN

My sister, Dr. Carol Minton, is a sociologist teaching at a university in Riverside, California. She had a remarkable product experience with Proanthenols. She had a constant allergic cough for months, probably caused by the heavy pollution in Riverside. The doctors...

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Barbara Vojticek – York, PA

My aunt, Pat Stein from Fallbrook, CA, came back to York for another visit two weeks ago. She says her achy hands are 80% better since she started taking the products three months ago. She began with the Daily BioBasics, Proanthenols, and Fusions Red. She told me that...

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Carolyn Wisler – Powell, OH

Since using Proanthenols, I have recovered from a shoulder overuse injury. I wasn't expecting to notice something go away completely! My shoulder had been so weak that I couldn't raise more than 5 pounds overhead and was using a band instead of any weight. After about...

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Dave Ryner – Rockville, MD

After 5 years of taking LifePlus and BioBasics my body has refused to get sick. Historically, I've had bouts with sinus infections because of chronic sinusitus and a deviated septum. In refusing surgery and living in the Washington, DC area I had to take antibiotics...

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