Common Sense for Uncommon Times

NOTHING is More Important Than Your Health.

No amount of money, awards, success, adoration, “Likes,” toys, homes, titles, or anything else, matter when you are suffering with illness or worse, on the threshold of imminent death. It’s okay if you believe something different. I have no interest in trying to convince you. It’s your job to choose what you believe, what you value, and the principles that guide your actions. And it is you, like me, who reap the rewards and consequences of choices made.

There is an overload of MISinformation, and too many people suffer from MISS-information, in today’s agenda-based, profit-driven, sensationalized fear- mongering media. The result is that it is virtually impossible to know what is true or not true.

What IS true and will always be, is that health is a personal responsibility. 88% of the American population is considered metabolically unhealthy. If this massive degree of health compromise didn’t exist, and the average person was healthy and had a strong immune system, our societal experience and our life quality would be significantly better right now. That is common sense.

This video is simply a perspective based on my beliefs, values, and principles. Perhaps it will help you when you make choices related to your health.