Introvert Success Video 1

You DO NOT Have to Be an Extrovert to Build a Successful Direct Sales, Referral Marketing, Network Marketing, or Any Other Style of Home Based Business (or Really Any Business:-).

This video series was recorded several years ago as part of a project that I ultimately decided not to pursue. I’ve decided to just go ahead and make this available with no strings attached. You don’t have to log in, put in your email, or do dance a jig to access these videos.

This is video ONE (which includes the 5 awesome outcomes) of a ten part FREE series that will absolutely pave the way to your success in your business and in your life if you act on what you learn.

I would know. Everything I share in these free videos is based on fundamentals and principles that have been the foundation of a very long and successful career despite being introverted, non-confrontational, non-sales oriented, and low self-opinion person. As I mentioned, I originally recorded these in 2017 but decided not to follow through with the project in lieu of other higher “heart” projects at the time, and then, frankly just plain forgot about them.

I decided to just release them so whoever they might help, they will. I’m not trying to build my profile in the home business industry so this isn’t a marketing pull. There’s no list opt-in required to get these videos, which is high value training.

My consulting, training, and coaching work, particularly the corporate leadership academies, and the 3 Circles Living work which is at the core of everything, is plenty fulfilling and active.

Would I like you to join my Blog/email list (I send 1 email a week usually) and read my books, etc.? Sure, of course.

My purpose is to help as many people as I can to live their richest life possible, because I believe then people would have the means, confidence, courage, and emotional foundation to do what’s in their heart to do, which I believe is in line with who they really are, and leads to their areas of highest contribution. If everyone was doing that, imagine the world we would live in?

Would I like to play a role in helping you do that? Yes. But that’s totally up to you. My content is professional and personal development oriented. All kinds of topics from core competencies to leadership, and also sales, mindset, etc. and sometimes a health topic, since I’ve been involved in that part of the world for a long time now.

5 Powerful Outcomes…

That’s what you are in line for in this series, and that’s the tip of the iceberg. This can change your thinking, actions, results, and it will impact every part of your life, because that’s orientation of my teaching. I teach you to be the best version of you, and that’s transferrable into everything you do. I encourage you to use a notebook or a journal for notes and to dig deep into the exercises.

Please share with others if you feel like it’s making an impact with you.

Many Blessings, Todd

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You are welcome to go through the series as many times as you’d like, and again, please share if you like them.