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This page contains the primary information videos to support your efforts in building your business through the MR program,
and the Project. To send any of these videos to your prospects and customers (shoppers), all you have to do is right click on the
video and copy the URL of the video, and then paste into whatever medium you are using (email, text, etc.). More videos, and all of the
documents mentioned in the training video can be found in the Facebook Group Files and Guides.
Open House Overview of What we are All About
This is the First Video to Watch for Understanding the process of sharing and for learning what info to share and when.

The Simple Bronze Track for Serious Leveraged Passive Income

This is an excellent interview with Medical Journalist and Best-selling German Author Andreas Jopp about the MR Program.
This is best used when someone also has the program guide and the pictures to help them decide if they will start the program.
This is an overview of the all the health benefits of the program, and some review of the basics in addition to pictures.
This can also be used as a first exposure along with the Program Guide and Pictures, although not as powerful as the Jopp 3rd party perspective.
This video is for someone who is at the end of the strict phase.
This would be ideal for anyone who is already a user of the products, is moving into the stabilization phase,
and for anyone who is working the business to learn. There is an enormous amount of information about how to use the products
the quality of the products and details key points of much of the product line.
This is a business of conversations. This video gives you a simple approach to inviting to
the conversation, and it’s easy to do.
Social media is a wonderful tool if used properly. Especially when it comes to working with the MR program.
This will give you the aspects of using it the proper way.
The is a video about building a bigger business through working through the project/business approach.
The Basics for Using Your Online Shop
A Very Short Overview of the Core Phase of the Compensation Plan.

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