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You’ve got a lot of “shoulds” hanging around. Who you should be, what you should have, how you should feel. It’s a lot of pressure to follow a path with no meaning for you. Instead, with 3 Circles Living I am offering you the opportunity to take the road to a joyful life filled with loving relationships, better health, and the financial success you desire. It is a life abundant in the things that matter most to you. That doesn’t happen by accident. It has to be pursued on purpose.

Certainly, to be successful in your career, you’ve got to work hard but you also have to make sure that you don’t self-sabotage.  Instead you want increase your productivity by doing the right things outside  of your career that impact the inside of your career.  This book will give you a step by step platform to follow. You’ll know exactly what to do to feel more vibrant, to develop your skills, have stronger relationships, a more secure feeling of self,  more emotional strength, and a greater ability to make an impact in your workplace. And,  it will be noticeable! I’ve been teaching this program for over 25 years and I’ve seen it over and over again as people employ these tools and move up in their careers much faster.

3 Circles Living puts you in charge of your health, your relationships, and your income so that you are consciously choosing the steps to a completely fulfilling life. This book is not a lecture and more of a conversation about what’s worked for me and many others who have followed my 3 Circles Living plan. In the end, you get decide the path you choose – the one rutted with “shoulds” or the one paved with your desires.

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What People Say About 3 Circles Living

“I’m lucky enough to have been taught 3 Circles Living by Todd Burrier through more than a decade of mentorship. This simple concept fuels each day and is at the heart of every important decision.”
Jason Stambaugh

Husband/Father/Entrepreneur/ Sales Executive

“I grew up watching the men in my life prioritize work with the misconception that by prioritizing work, they were prioritizing their family. Todd’s three circles method taught me that by prioritizing myself, I am actually prioritizing my family. I no longer feel selfish about making health my top priority. When my family is doing well. I am more creative, motivated and efficient at work. This has translated into close to a decade of consistent growth for my company. By following Todd’s three circles method I am thriving and you can do the same.”

Zach Tomlin

Father/CEO of Tomlin Technology, Inc.

“Todd’s 3 Circle principal is the most practical approach for living a fulfilled life. Thanks for helping me find the areas in my life that I needed to focus on! I owe a lot of my success in my business and personal life by practicing Todd’s principals and choosing a healthier lifestyle.”  
David Silverstein

Husband/Father/Business Owner

“I learned the Three Circles concept about four years ago during a corporate training event instructed by Todd. I credit this for the incredible advancement I’ve experienced in my career, for giving me the tools and confidence to start my own business, and the growth of my credibility in the community where I live. I cannot thank you enough for sharing this wise approach to life with me.”
John Brown

Husband/ Father/Grandfather/Senior Product Manager/Entrepreneur