Individual Coaching

Is coaching right for you?

The answer to this question depends entirely on how serious you are about advancing in your business.

Coaching is an investment in self that typically leads to significant break-throughs in performance. It’s not an overnight fix, it’s a process that helps you identify and develop your strengths, uncover your blocks and weaknesses, and pinpoint how you can be more effective.

In Kouzes and Posner’s  best-selling book The Leadership Challenge, they say this about coaching:

“No one ever got to be the best at anything without the constructive feedback, probing questions, and active teaching of respected coaches.”

If you consider this for a moment you know it’s true. Most everyone who strives to be a top performer in their field works with coaches.

I will show you how to build your focus.

While you are in the midst of trying to succeed, it’s like being in the forest and seeing only the trees that are right in front of you. You are limited by your scope of experience and knowledge, and fixated on your set of circumstances.

I get my clients to see the entire forest, and better understand how they can navigate it to reach their goals.

I do business coaching.

Having built and led global sales organizations, developed my own businesses, and personally worked with and mentored many thousands of people in my 30 plus year career, I bring a diverse level of experience and knowledge to my clients.

I coach individuals and also do group coaching and corporate coaching. My typical client is someone in a management or corporate leadership role, an entrepreneur, a sales professional, or someone building a home-based organization.

If you are feeling stuck, want to make a change, or simply want to improve your performance, coaching will help you.

It is one of the best investment’s in your career you can ever make. Reach out to me If you would like to discuss the possibility.

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