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The Ultimate JumpStart for Feeling Better and Doing Better

First a little perspective. I have a family history of cancer and heart disease (my father died of cancer at 48 and my brother at 42). Once I became a father, I began a quest to reduce my risk in these two areas. At the time I had many health issues, and had exacerbated things by living a reckless and extremely unhealthy and destructive lifestyle for the prior twelve years. I became highly educated in nutrition and what things helped the body. Now, in my 60s, I have high energy and live without the need of prescription medications. The photo above reflects the results of a transformational program I am using with my clients. The videos below will provide insight.

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MR Program Impact

This is a “nothing fancy” overview of the health impacts (besides body fat loss) of the MR Program. It’s not designed to be a sales pitch, and there’s no call to action at the end (it ends abruptly). It’s information that someone can watch to decide if they want the program guide to see if it’s something they want to do.

MR Program: Interview with Medical Journalist and Best-Selling Author Andreas Jopp

Andreas shares insights about research and results of the impact on weight and health of the MR Program in relation to different types of people, different circumstances, sustainability, true changes in physiology. This is based on research and observed experiences from hundreds of thousands of people.Including many nuggets relative to brain, microbiome, menopause, athletes, extremely obese, breaking sugar addiction, and more.

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